What Is Nitrous Oxide (Nangs) And How Does It Work?

by James Martin

If you are an old-school kind of cook who prefers to do recipes in the traditional way, chances are that the idea of using a device like the whipped cream canister and a nang (another word for whipped cream chargers) is a bit hard to understand. If you are interested in knowing the many benefits that any person can get from using a nang, as well as the mechanism behind its function, this is an article that you can’t resist. We will share some valuable information in regards to this amazing kitchen product that you might be missing out on.

Nitrous oxide in the whipped cream

Most people who are familiar with nitrous oxide know that it has kitchen applications, in order to make the whipping process more convenient, and now it is available through nang delivery services . Not only do you save time with the use of a spray system that allows you to create the perfect texture of whipped cream, but you also need less physical effort in case that you usually whip your mixture by hand, or save space if you use the bulky stand mixer. Then, the former way to create your whipped cream made it necessary to consume the preparation entirely, or dispose of it after a couple of days (maximum), due to the nature of the product, while the aerosol version of this mixture allows you to use only what you need. 

Nitrous oxide in other kitchen applications

Nowadays, thanks to the equipment developed with the aid of nitrous oxide, you can also infuse flavours into alcoholic beverages, create souffles, dressings and more. If you have ever been concerned about the presence of gas in your foods, you can rest assured that it boils out once it gets out of the canister, due to the different pressures. So, the only physical change that nitrous oxide makes in your food is by creating small air bubbles within the liquid.

Nitrous oxide in medicine

One interesting thing about nitrous oxide is that it has no colour or smell, plus, it is non-flammable, which makes it very safe when compared to other gases, even when it supports combustion. In medicine, nitrous oxide is sometimes used for general anaesthesia, treating pain in moderate levels, dental anaesthesia or other procedural sedations. Some of the properties found in this gas are its strong analgesic function and its small influence in the respiratory system, when compared to other types of anaesthetics. For these reasons, it is considered safe in emergency cases or obstetrical wards.

Nitrous oxide in the automotive industry

In this interesting field, there is a popular nitrous oxide system, which often is just called NOS, and its main function is to improve the quality of an engine. Thanks to the use of this system, the vehicle engines are able to increase the torque and performance. This gas is injected into the engine, allowing for a higher quantity of oxygen as the combustion takes place, which leads to a quicker rate of fuel combustion, and the engine can yield more potency.

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