What is Refinancing a Home

by Glenn Maxwell

Do you want to lower your monthly mortgage payments, acquire a better interest rate, cash out your home equity, or switch to a fixed-rate loan? Refinancing is the way to choose. Your home is a big investment. Refinancing can help you leverage the investment. However, before you decide to refinance, you should know what the process involves. If you are looking for a refinance home loan in Roseville, seek professional assistance for a smooth process.

Let us dig deep into refinancing a home

Meaning of refinancing a home

When you refinance a home, you avail a new home loan to pay off the existing one. Your lender then pays off the older mortgage with the new one, leaving you with just one loan and one monthly payment.

It can be difficult to find a loan product that suits your demands and the best rate for your situation. That is why seeking professional help for a mortgage in Roseville saves you time and stress.

Reasons to refinance

The following reasons are enough to decide to refinance your home:

  • Reduce your payment.
  • Use the home equity to manage your debt.
  • Pay off debt more quickly.
  • Get a low-interest rate for the duration of your loan.

Process of refinancing

  • A lender will examine your financial situation to establish your risk level and eligibility for the best interest rate.

The official will check:

  • credit score and credit history
  • Income and employment history
  • Assets and cash reserves
  • Once approved, you may be asked to lock interest rates so that it does not alter before the loan is closed.
  • Your lender will begin the underwriting process when you submit your application. It also includes getting refinance appraisal.
  • Once you get through underwriting and appraisal, it’s time to close your loan.

Further, if you change your mind and wish to cancel refinance, you have a 3-day period to cancel.


Refinancing can be beneficial as you can use your home as a financial tool. However, you need to be aware of the amount of documentation involved. We recommend you connect with the experts for a refinance in Roseville. They are experienced and guide you through the risks and other factors involved.



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