5 Stages of Video Production: Everything You Need to Know!

by Glenn Maxwell

Every business or brand needs a way to promote itself to its audience. And one of the most effective and influential means to do that is through video or film. A well-made video can showcase the best your brand has to offer with stunning visuals and the right representation. They have the power to portray an impactful message that affects your audience and even encourages them to take action.

To effectively represent you and your business, a video production team is what you need. Having a professional video production team to help promote your business will guarantee that your message will be heard. While it is true that anyone with a camera can make a video, not everyone has the knowledge and expertise of the stages of video production. That is key to creating high-quality videos for your business that are sure to increase your popularity, boost your online presence, communicate your message, and boost your revenue. A good team with an expert understanding of the stages of video production will lead your business to success.

What a Production Team can Offer You

Every video production team works to create a perfect product for you, but some agencies may offer you different services depending on the size and focus of their agency. For people with some knowledge of filmmaking or those who want to be hands-on with the process, they can get a team to simply assist with the workload. But others with no experience can hire an agency to do a full-service production which means the agency will handle the entire process and will create a product that meets your expectations and shows results. 

Different types of content production can be made in different ways such as being shot as a real-life film, made using visual effects, or done through animation. Animations are popular among people of all ages, especially younger ones, and a creative way to advertise your brand. Rather than spending way too much time dialing down on your own brand’s animated ad or promotion, it’s best to look for an agency that offers animation video services.

5 Stages of Video Production

Whether a company offers full-service production, animation video services, or high-budget special effects, they all have to go through the same stages of production – an essential process to success. 

1st Stage: Development

The development stage is where all the ideas are first introduced. The client and the production company come together to talk about the vision and goals that the product aims to achieve. Much of this phase in the process is abstract and involves things like what the client wants to see, the suggestions of the team, and brainstorming a way for everything to come together. 

Being open-minded and having transparent communication with the team is very important in this stage and all throughout the project. As the client, you must be clear on what you want to see in the finished product but also considerate of the suggestions and expertise of the team you hired.

This is the stage also where you identify your target audience and decide on the type of product to make. For example, if you aim toward a younger audience, hire a team that can do animation video services for you to show that your brand knows how to connect with children. Depending on the type of audience you’re looking for, you and the team have to come up with creative ways to showcase your business and what you offer.

2nd Stage: Pre-Production 

Now with all the ideas down, it’s time to plan out the flow and strategize on the specifics. This is the pre-production phase, one of the most crucial stages of video production. This stage is all about planning and organizing the ideas presented in the first stage into a cohesive product. Things like the equipment to be used, the shots and angles that will be taken, and the overall flow are considered at this stage.

Different agencies may have their own methods of planning and strategies to create a smooth flow for the rest of the process. For agencies that do animation video services, this part would be similar to storyboarding the progression of the content before working on the actual product. 

The reason this is considered by many as the most crucial step in the process is that everything depends on the plan made in this phase. Pre-production can make or break your final product and that is why it must be thoroughly planned out, well-organized and prepared.

3rd Stage: Production

With our plan set up and the team’s gear at the ready, it is time to start shooting the actual video. For companies that offer animation video services, it’s time for the animators to get started.

Now is the time to put the plan into action. All the effort spent in the 2nd stage is now set in motion in the 3rd stage. Using our video strategy, the team goes over each scene to take and get as many shots as possible. If the conditions are good and the team is well prepared, shooting scenes won’t be a problem. Of course, some scenes take multiple tries to get right and many external factors can affect video production like weather conditions and time constraints, but it’s all worth it to create the perfect final product.

The more planned out and prepared you are in the previous stages, the easier and smoother it will go moving forward.

4th Stage: Post-Production

With all the content captured, now it’s time to put everything together. The 4th stage is mostly about editing the video, adding the necessary visual effects and audio, and polishing the content. For those who decide on using animation video services, this would be the stage where the animation, added visual effects, sound effects, color grading, and dubbing are carefully put into place.

Assembling all the parts together to create the final product. Some agencies would create different versions of the product for the client to review and choose from but after the decision is officially made, the finished product will be ready for the final phase of video production. 

5th Stage: Marketing & Distribution

You now have the final product ready to be marketed and distributed to your audience and potential customers. The method of marketing that is best to use also depends on the target audience. People of different age groups use many forms of media. If you want to promote your brand to a younger audience, it’s best to advertise through social media ads and streaming platforms. 

Deciding on your marketing strategy is a whole topic on its own and has a lot to do with your budget and future plans. Just keep in mind your audience and your goals.

If you’ve followed through with the stages of video production you are now equipped with the knowledge for success. It is also important to have a standard for choosing the right video production team to help you throughout everything.

5 Stages of Video Production Everything You Need to Know4

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5 Stages of Video Production Everything You Need to Know3

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