What is Shaun O’Neale, The Winner of MasterChef Season 7, Doing Now?

by Moore Martin

Masterchef Season 7 Where Are They Now

MasterChef Season 7 was a culinary extravaganza that brought together amateur chefs from across the United States. Under the watchful eyes of judges Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi, and guest judges like Aarón Sanchez, these contestants showcased their culinary skills in an attempt to win the grand prize of $250,000, a cookbook deal, and the prestigious MasterChef trophy. As the season aired from June 1 to September 14, 2016, viewers were captivated by the talent and creativity on display. But what have these talented chefs been up to since their time on the show? Let’s dive into the exciting journeys of MasterChef Season 7 contestants in this Where Are They Now update.

Alejandro Toro: A Multifaceted Talent

Alejandro Toro has proven himself to be a multifaceted talent. He has ventured into the world of film, photography, event hosting, and voiceovers for Spanish Southpark. Additionally, Alejandro is a vlogger with two syndicated programs on Amazon Prime. His diverse range of skills has allowed him to carve out a unique niche in the entertainment industry.

Andrea Galan: From Talent Scouting to Culinary Success

After her MasterChef journey, Andrea Galan transitioned into talent scouting and later moved to Barcelona. Her culinary prowess shone when she won Chopped Season 24, and she now appears on local TV cookery segments. Currently, Andrea is a Stagier at ABAC Restaurant, a three-Michelin-star establishment, where she continues to hone her culinary skills.

Barbara Savage: A Culinary Entrepreneur

Barbara Savage has become a culinary entrepreneur in her own right. She runs her catering business, imparts cookery classes at Wholefoods, and shares enticing food pictures on social media. Although Barbara had a brief stint as a Pasta Chef, she had to step away due to a wheat allergy. Nevertheless, her passion for food remains undiminished.

Brandi Mudd: Pursuing Culinary Dreams

Brandi Mudd made a significant career shift after MasterChef Season 7. She left her teaching profession and went on to win the MasterChef cruise. Brandi now runs a catering business called Southern Flair and made a comeback for MasterChef: Back to Win (Season 12). Her private dining experiences are a hit, and she continues to make her mark in the culinary world.

Brittany Craig: Embracing Versatility

Brittany Craig has embraced versatility in her post-MasterChef journey. She offers private dining experiences, works as a dog sitter, and provides healthy lifestyle coaching and meal prep services. Notably, Brittany is also an amateur powerlifter, showcasing her dedication to both fitness and culinary arts.

Cassie Peterson: Nameless Gourmet’s Culinary Delights

Cassie Peterson is the proud owner of Nameless Gourmet, a catering and meal delivery company. She also had a restaurant called Bread & Buttercrème, which she opened in August 2017 in Clear Lake, Iowa. While Bread & Buttercrème closed in July 2019, Cassie’s culinary journey continues to evolve.

D’Andre Balaoing: A Creative Baker

D’Andre Balaoing has established himself as a self-employed baker, creating bespoke cakes to order. His culinary journey also includes experience as a pastry chef and chef for Virgin Voyages. Beyond the kitchen, D’Andre serves as a producer and hosts the digital series, The Good Truck, showcasing his creativity and culinary skills.

Dan Paustian: The Head Chef and More

Dan Paustian is the Head Chef and Owner at Flavor City Catering. His talents extend beyond the kitchen, as he is also an actor, comedian, and food vlogger. Despite facing elimination in MasterChef Season 7, Dan has continued to pursue his passion for food and entertainment.

David Williams: Back to Professional Poker

David Williams, a runner-up in MasterChef Season 7, returned to his previous career as a professional poker player. His culinary journey may have taken a back seat, but his poker skills remain sharp.

Diamond Alexander: A Return to Web Designing

After MasterChef Season 7, Diamond Alexander returned to web designing. He now works as a Product Designer at AdvicePay and maintains a blog. Diamond’s creativity and technical skills continue to shine in his current endeavors.

Diana Bilow: Personal Chef Extraordinaire

Diana Bilow found her calling as a personal chef after her MasterChef journey. She offers private dining experiences and previously worked as a dog walker. Diana’s culinary talent also led her to compete on Food Network Star, where she finished in third place.

Manny Washington Jr: Balancing Firefighting and Culinary

Manny Washington Jr. continues to serve as a firefighter while offering Private Chef services, pop-up dinners, and cooking classes. His passion for both firefighting and culinary arts has allowed him to create a unique balance in his life. Manny also appeared on Food Network Star Season 14, finishing in third place.

Eric Howard: The Food Consultant

Eric Howard’s culinary journey post-MasterChef has led him to become a food consultant and private chef, offering private dining experiences and events. Eric’s expertise was further showcased when he appeared on the Food Network show, The Ultimate Thanksgiving Challenge, where he finished in third place.

Katie Dixon: A Culinary Entrepreneur

Katie Dixon’s post-MasterChef journey has been nothing short of impressive. She became a private chef, a Precision Nutrition Coach, and owns her restaurant called Birdhouse Café. Katie’s passion for fitness and culinary arts shines through as she continues to make her mark in the culinary world.

Lisa-Ann Marchesi: From Olive Oil to Vice Presidency

Lisa-Ann Marchesi owns Bella D’Oliva, a business specializing in olive oil. She also holds the position of Vice President of P&C at NFP. Additionally, Lisa-Ann appeared on TLC’s You, Me & My Ex in 2021, showcasing her diverse range of interests and talents.

Nathan Barnhouse: Pursuing a Degree in Theatre

Nathan Barnhouse decided to return to college to complete a degree in Theatre after MasterChef Season 7. He has also taken on roles in local shows, combining his love for culinary arts with his passion for theater.

Shaun O’Neale: The Blind Pig’s Co-owner

Shaun O’Neale, the winner of MasterChef Season 7, has made significant strides in the culinary world. He is currently the co-owner of The Blind Pig and has released a cookbook. Shaun has also hosted numerous pop-up dining events and cookery demonstrations. In 2021, he opened Larrea Las Vegas, further solidifying his presence in the culinary scene.

Tanorria Askew: From Day Job to Full-time Chef

Tanorria Askew made a bold career move, transitioning from her day job to become a full-time private chef with her company, Tanorria’s Table. She has also participated in MasterChef Camp and appears on local television cookery segments in Indiana, where she continues to inspire others with her culinary expertise.

Terry Mueller: Returning to Contracting and Cookery Events

Terry Mueller returned to his previous role as a contractor after MasterChef Season 7. He also participated in several cookery events, keeping his passion for food alive.

Bill Travers: Embracing Retirement

Bill Travers seems to have fully embraced retirement, enjoying a well-deserved break after his MasterChef journey. His culinary adventures have taken a back seat as he enjoys the leisurely pace of retired life.

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Masterchef Season 7 Where Are They Now – FAQs

1. What is Shaun O’Neale, the winner of MasterChef Season 7, doing now?

Shaun O’Neale is currently co-owner of The Blind Pig and is set to open his own restaurant, Larrea Las Vegas, in 2021.

2. How has Tanorria Askew’s career evolved since her elimination in Season 7?

Tanorria Askew transitioned from her day job to become a full-time private chef with her company, Tanorria’s Table, and has appeared on local television cookery segments in Indiana.

3. What ventures has Brandi Mudd pursued after being the runner-up in MasterChef Season 7?

Brandi Mudd participated in the MasterChef cruise, won the MasterChef Camp, and started her catering business, Southern Flair, before returning for MasterChef: Back to Win (Season 12).

4. How has Diana Bilow continued her culinary journey after MasterChef Season 7?

Diana Bilow is currently working as a Personal Chef, offering private dining experiences, and was also a contestant on Food Network Star, where she finished in third place.

5. What notable activities has Katie Dixon been involved in post her MasterChef Season 7 journey?

Katie Dixon appeared on Food Network Star, opened her own restaurant, Birdhouse Café, and became a Precision Nutrition Coach and personal trainer.

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