What is technology stack in project?

by Carter Toni

The launch of each IT project is characterized by planning and decision-making at the first stages of development. They are very important and have an impact on any project, as they predetermine its future. During these stages, for example, the selection of the technology stack takes place. 

The technology stack dramatically affects any IT project. Development time, quality and cost vary depending on the technology stack. Moreover, it affects scalability, so if the development of the project was carried out on a poorly selected technological stack, this can cause a number of problems in the future. Therefore, it’s okay when you want more time to choose than you planned. 

In this article, we will look at what is technology stack, and how to choose the right one.

what is technology stack

What is a technological stack 

A technology stack is a collection of programming languages, frameworks, and software required to develop an application.

Since web applications consist of a client and a server, the requirements for their functionality change the programming languages, frameworks and software that will be applied for development. In other words, the requirements for the functionality of the front-end and back-end affect the technology stack.

The customer flank is the visible part of the web application that users interact with.

There are 3 main elements of elaborating the front-end of any web application:

  1. JavaScript is a programming language that is in charge of the interactive component of an app.
  2. HTML is a document markup lingo required for the correct display in a browser.
  3. CSS is a formal language needed to properly style a web application.

Concerning frameworks, the most common use of Bootstrap and React.js to design the front-end of any web application.

The back-end is something that the user does not see. To proceed with the server part, the following are used:

  • Back-end programming language.
  • It is also possible to build a web application with a serverless architecture.

Requirements for the user and mainframe parts must be approved in advance and taken into account during the formation of the technology stack. The initial stage of project development is not limited only to the choice of the technology stack, you will also need to decide on the structure of the application.

How to make the right choice of technology stack for a project

  • Web application size

The size of a web application has a huge impact on development. The larger the size of the web application, the more complex its development.

  • Web application development timeframe

The amount of time it takes to develop a web application also affects the choice of technology stack. With a small amount of time, the development of a web application should be carried out using simpler technologies for which there is no need for planning, as well as the experience of developers.

If a lot of time is allocated for the development of a web application, it is worth choosing a technology stack based on other factors.

  • Web application security

The number of cyberattacks on web applications has grown dramatically. That is why it is necessary to pay maximum attention to its safety. Fireart knows more if not everything about it.

  • Web application scalability and support

When developing a web application, it is important to think about its future, in particular about scaling and support. This is not a difficult task, but many developers forget to take this factor into account when choosing a technology stack. It is also equally important to pay attention to the desired performance of the web application.


The technology stack has a huge impact on the future of any web application. It affects the cost of its development, development time, scalability and many other nuances.

Your choice of technologies depends on the purpose of the finished project. Therefore, initially it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of all available technologies, and then consult with experienced developers.

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