What is the Best Way to Dry a Carpet?

by James Martin

In the event of a flood, it is necessary to dry out all standing water as quickly as possible. This will, unfortunately mean drying up water from inside your carpet as well as outside. In almost all cases drying a wet carpet quickly can cause mould and mildew growth – both of which can be an expensive repair job – so you must ensure that you do not dry the carpet too quickly.

Here Are Some Tips for Drying a Wet Carpet Quickly:

  1. If the water has been sitting more than 48 hours, cut all of the padding and backing out of the area. If there’s no padding between the carpet fibers and the floor, air can circulate better and drying will be faster.
  2. Pull up furniture or anything else resting on the wet carpet so that airflow reaches every part of it. Wet spots under heavy furniture will longer to dry completely–you could end up with mold damage, so be sure to move furniture as soon as possible.
  3. Place fans around the area to help air circulate more quickly. 4. If the water is still drying on its own for several days, place a couple drying towels or drying mats over the carpet and top them with something heavy to keep them from moving around. This will hasten drying time because they draw moisture out of carpet fibers rather than waiting for it to evaporate into the air.
  4. If you have a humidifier in your house, turn it on and allow fresh dry air being forced through your home by it to pass across the wet spot for quicker drying (be careful not to let water drops settle back down onto wet carpet).
  5. You can place drying rugs on your carpet and change them as they dry, but be sure to move drying mats or drying towels on top of the wet carpet as often as necessary so drying happens evenly over the entire surface.
  6. If you like, you can use fans and dehumidifiers (set out in several areas of your home) after rushing water damage carpet drying towels over the wet surfaces for about 48 hours – simply to expedite drying time
  7. This is a more costly method, but if money is no option, consider using commercial drying equipment like carbon dioxide (CO2) blowers or vacuum warm air machines to speed up drying times even more.
  8. not put carpet back down until it is completely dry so mold or mildew doesn’t grow.
  1. It’s best to call a professional carpet cleaning company, if drying times are taking longer than expected, especially if drying time has passed and you fear the damage might be more extensive than originally believed. Let them handle drying up wet carpet water damage for you! The professional house cleaners know how long it takes to properly dry different types of flooring materials and can usually get carpets dried out in just one day.

You should never walk on a wet carpet or use drying machines to dry it, as this might ruin your carpet – high pressure water removal processes might damage the carpet fibers and cause unpleasant smell.

Mould Issues Aside, Drying Out Water from Your Carpet as Quickly As Possible Is Important For Two Reasons:

  • drying your carpet too slowly means that there is a risk of growing mould which may cause health problems to you and other occupants of the building.
  • drying the carpet too slowly will cause your carpet’s pile to flatten, which can result in permanent damage to your carpet such as thinning or balding patches.

So drying out water inside a wet carpet is an important process; drying it out too quickly can be damaging, but drying it too slowly can be equally as damaging.

It is therefore important that drying water damage carpet should be carried out quickly to avoid permanent problems with your carpet.

Conclusion Over Carpet Water Damage Melbourne:

Transforming your wet carpet into a dry and mould-free environment is important to the health of you and those around you. This article has outlined some steps that can help protect both your building’s occupants as well as your carpets from water damage, so take these tips seriously. We’re here to assist with more information about drying out water inside a drying a wet carpet quickly or too slowly; contact us today for more details!


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