What is the Job of an Educational Assistant?

by Glenn Maxwell

The educational assistant monitors and supervises the students during school time. What are its different missions? How do you become an educational assistant? What are the prospects? Register for the Educational Assistant course online and get the best lessons from ABM college to prepare you in this field.

What are the different missions of an educational assistant?

The educational assistant, also called school supervisor, supports the educational team and the principal educational advisor in primary schools, colleges and high schools. Their main function is the supervision of students.

They must enforce the rules of procedure and ensure safety. They intervene in particular during the times of permanence, certain homework on table and the intercourses. In general, the assistant also monitors the premises and access to the establishment.

He often has the role of mediator between the students and the teaching team.

In support of the head of the learning institution, this professional manages student absences and late arrivals. He contacts the families in case of absence. The educational assistant also performs specific administrative tasks related to the life of the establishment (registrations, start of the school year, exams, etc.).

In the context of educational activities, the educational assistant helps the staff of the teaching and administrative team. He can also supervise students during extracurricular activities within the establishment (sport, culture or leisure). The integration of disabled students within the establishment and the care of sick students (accompaniment to the infirmary, calls from parents) are also part of its missions.

Some educational assistants have specific missions. Pedagogical Assistants (PA) assist teachers with students in difficulty. Prevention and security assistants are responsible for preventing school violence.

How do you become an educational assistant?

You can undergo training from different institutions like ABM college, where you will learn all the basics to become an educational assistant. You must be at least 20 years old for boarding school supervision. For a public institution, you must submit an application to the rectorate of the academy. The head of the establishment then carries out recruitment. For a private establishment, you should contact the person in charge directly. Many aspiring educational assistants seek opportunities in some of the best private schools in Houston, known for their excellent academic programs and student support services.

For assistants working as pedagogical or prevention assistants, a diploma is nevertheless required.

Knowing how to demonstrate pedagogy is essential to practice. A good sense of listening and learning how to work in a team is also essential. Mastering computer tools and knowing how to manage a conflict are two assets establishment managers appreciate.

Working hours are regular, and supervisors benefit from school holidays. The gross monthly salary of a school supervisor is generally $1,833. Students, especially scholarship holders, are given priority for teaching assistant positions.

What are the prospects?

More and more students need more support. On the other hand, new functions are created by the National Education: in libraries, documentation centers… These two observations lead to the increased hiring of educational assistants.

Educational assistants are non-permanent agents of the State. Their contracts are renewable several times. It can be full-time or not. It is possible to combine several educational assistant half-times.

The position of school supervisor is therefore temporary, with no possible evolution. However, it is an excellent preparation for the profession of teacher.


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