What Really Happened to Ben and Camille? Why Did Camille Lamb Leave Below Deck? Who is Ben Willoughby?

by Moore Martin

What Happened to Ben and Camille

What Happened to Ben and Camille


Ben and Camille’s relationship on ‘Below Deck’ was filled with promise but ultimately met its demise due to betrayal and trust issues. This article explores their journey, shedding light on why Camille Lamb left the show.

Who is Ben?

Ben Willoughby, a deckhand on “Below Deck,” is a recurring character known for his involvement in boat romances and professional duties.

Name Camille Lamb
Occupation Former Stewardess/Deckhand on luxury yachts
TV Show Below Deck
Season 10
Relationship Previously dated Ben Willoughby
Location Featured on the yacht St. David, various locations

Ben and Camille’s Relationship

Ben and Camille’s romance blossomed during Season 10 of “Below Deck” as they formed a strong connection.

Betrayal and Breakup

Their relationship faced challenges when Camille’s betrayal was revealed during the Season 11 premiere, leading to their breakup.

Ben’s Reaction and Current Status

Ben expressed his hurt and reluctance to pursue another romantic relationship post-breakup.

About Below Deck

“Below Deck” is a reality TV series offering insights into the lives of crew members on luxury yachts.

Camille’s Role on Below Deck

Camille Lamb, a former cast member, played both stewardess and deckhand roles on “Below Deck.”

Camille’s Departure from the Show

Camille left the show during Season 10, facing challenges in her roles and clashing with crew members.

Why Camille Left Below Deck

Camille’s departure was influenced by her difficulties in adapting to her job’s demands and conflicts with crew members.

Premiere of Below Deck

“Below Deck” first premiered in 2013, captivating audiences with its portrayal of luxury yachting.

Below Deck Spin-offs

The success of “Below Deck” led to the creation of several spin-offs exploring yachting in different locations.

Below Deck’s Impact

The show has become a staple of reality TV, offering captivating insights into the world of luxury yachting.


  1. Who is Ben Willoughby?
    Ben is a deckhand on “Below Deck” who had a romantic relationship with Camille during Season 10.
  2. What Happened to Ben and Camille?
    Ben and Camille broke up after Ben discovered Camille’s infidelity.
  3. What is “Below Deck”?
    “Below Deck” is a reality TV series showcasing the lives of crew members on luxury yachts.
  4. Why did Camille Lamb leave “Below Deck”?
    Camille left due to difficulties in her roles and conflicts with crew members.
  5. What is Ben’s current relationship status?
    Ben is single as of “Below Deck” Season 11 filming.


Ben and Camille’s relationship started with promise but ended due to trust issues and betrayal, illustrating the challenges of maintaining relationships in the reality TV environment.

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