What Really Happened to Matthew Healy? Who was Matthew Healy?

by Moore Martin

What Happened to Matthew Healy

What Happened to Matthew Healy

Introduction to Matthew Healy

Six-year-old Matthew Healy, a resident of Co Waterford, tragically lost his life under suspicious circumstances, stirring shock and grief within the community.

Woman’s Arrest

A woman in her late 30s was apprehended in connection with Matthew’s death, sparking investigations into the harrowing events.

Discovery of Matthew

Matthew’s lifeless body was discovered in a car near Dunmore East, prompting swift action from authorities and emergency services.

Attempts to Revive Him

Despite efforts by emergency responders, Matthew could not be revived, marking a devastating turn of events for his family and community.

Investigation and Suspicion

Authorities are focusing their investigation on the possibility of suffocation as the cause of Matthew’s untimely death.

Ongoing Inquiries

Thorough searches and examinations are underway to uncover the truth surrounding Matthew’s passing and bring justice to those involved.

Community Response

Matthew’s school and football club have expressed profound sadness and offered heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones.

Vigils and Support

The community has come together in solidarity, holding vigils to honor Matthew’s memory and provide support to his grieving family during this difficult time.

Who Was Matthew Healy?

Matthew Healy was a vibrant six-year-old boy from Co Waterford, cherished by his family, friends, and community.

Background Information

Matthew was described as a lovely child who attended Faithlegg National School and actively participated in soccer with Park Rangers AFC.

The Woman’s Involvement

The woman involved in the incident, believed to be in a distressed state, remains in custody while undergoing medical and psychiatric evaluation.

Arrest and Evaluation

She was arrested on suspicion of assault, and investigations are ongoing to ascertain her role in the tragic events leading to Matthew’s death.

Possible Cause of Death

While there is no evidence suggesting Matthew drowned, suspicions of suffocation have emerged as investigators delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Suspicions of Suffocation

Authorities are considering suffocation as a potential cause of Matthew’s death, pending further details from the ongoing inquiry.


The untimely death of Matthew Healy has left a profound impact on the community, prompting collective mourning and calls for justice. As investigations continue, the memory of Matthew will endure, cherished by all those whose lives he touched.

What Happened to Matthew Healy – FAQs

  1. What happened to Matthew Healy? Matthew Healy tragically died under suspicious circumstances, found unconscious in a car near Rathmoylan Cove.
  2. How was Matthew Healy discovered? A distressed woman found Matthew unconscious in her car near the Carbally Community Centre and sought help from a neighbor.
  3. What happened after Matthew was discovered? Emergency services arrived, but despite efforts, Matthew couldn’t be revived. The woman who found him was arrested, and investigations are ongoing.
  4. What is the suspected cause of Matthew Healy’s death? Authorities suspect suffocation as a possible cause, as there’s no evidence he drowned.
  5. How has the community responded to Matthew Healy’s death? The community has responded with vigils, prayers, and support for Matthew’s family during this difficult time.

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