What Really Happened to Aunt Diane? The Real Story of There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

by Moore Martin

What Happened to Aunt Diane

What Happened to Aunt Diane


In the summer of 2009, a tragic incident shook the nation, leaving many questions unanswered and hearts broken. Diane Schuler, known as Aunt Diane, became synonymous with a devastating crash on the Taconic State Parkway, resulting in the loss of eight lives, including her own. This article aims to delve deep into the events leading up to the crash, examining the circumstances, controversies, and aftermath surrounding this heartbreaking tragedy.

Who Was Aunt Diane?

Diane Schuler, a mother of two, was known for her caring nature and close-knit family ties. She embarked on a fateful journey with her two children and three nieces on that ill-fated day in July.

The Fatal Decision

Under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, Aunt Diane made a fatal decision to drive, ultimately leading to a catastrophic head-on collision that claimed multiple lives.

The Taconic State Parkway Crash

Driving nearly two miles in the wrong direction, Schuler’s minivan collided head-on with an SUV, resulting in unimaginable devastation.

Casualties and Survivors

The crash resulted in the loss of eight lives, including Diane Schuler and several children. Bryan, her son, miraculously survived as the sole survivor of the tragedy.

Investigation and Controversy

In the aftermath of the crash, various theories emerged, including suggestions of medical conditions that could have contributed to Schuler’s actions.

Autopsy Findings

Contrary to initial claims, the autopsy report revealed a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, along with traces of marijuana in Schuler’s system, ruling out significant medical issues.

Documentary: There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane

The HBO documentary directed by Liz Garbus delves into the complexities of the case, presenting conflicting narratives and challenging the official findings.

Family Perspectives

Schuler’s husband and sister-in-law express skepticism regarding the reported intoxication levels, fueling further debate and speculation.


Despite ongoing debates and attempts to question the autopsy findings, the truth remains clear: Diane Schuler’s impaired state played a significant role in the tragic loss of multiple lives on that fateful summer day. The legacy of Aunt Diane serves as a reminder of the consequences of driving under the influence and the profound impact of one moment’s decision.

There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane Overview

Film There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane
Genre Television Documentary
Directed by Liz Garbus
Music by Jonathan Zalben
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Producers Julie Gaither, Liz Garbus
Cinematography Michael Tucker
Editors M. Watanabe Milmore, Charles Olivier
Release July 25, 2011

What Happened to Aunt Diane – FAQs

  1. What happened to Aunt Diane in the Taconic State Parkway crash? Aunt Diane, whose real name was Diane Schuler, caused a fatal car accident on the Taconic State Parkway in 2009, driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, resulting in a head-on collision that claimed eight lives, including her own and several family members.
  2. Were there any medical conditions that contributed to the crash? The autopsy report ruled out significant medical conditions, such as a tooth abscess, leg lump, or diabetes, which had initially been suggested by Schuler’s family as potential causes. The primary factors identified were Schuler’s high blood alcohol level and THC intoxication.
  3. What does the documentary “There’s Something Wrong with Aunt Diane” explore? The documentary delves into the complexities of the case, featuring interviews with Schuler’s family and friends. It seeks to understand her actions on the day of the accident and explores conflicting narratives, particularly regarding the reported levels of intoxication, as presented by her husband and sister-in-law.
  4. Was Aunt Diane aware of her level of intoxication during the drive? The documentary presents differing perspectives on whether Diane Schuler knowingly consumed alcohol and marijuana. Her husband, Daniel, and sister-in-law, Jay, express skepticism about the toxicology report, suggesting that Schuler may not have been aware of the substances in her system.
  5. How did the Taconic State Parkway crash impact the families involved? The crash had a profound and tragic impact, resulting in the loss of multiple lives, including children and adults. Families were left devastated, and the incident sparked controversy and debate, with some questioning the official findings and others acknowledging the role of Schuler’s impaired state in the unfortunate events.

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