What should a bearded man use?

by Sean Dixon

Having a good beard is a dream of many people. But men often don’t know how to maintain and take care of their beard. To all those who want to get enlightened on this issue, you guys are at the right place. In this article you will get to know everything about beard. From how to grow it to how to  carry it like a dope, you will get all the information. But remember, whenever you want something you have to be disciplined. Similarly, for the perfect beard you need to follow the steps religiously.

How to grow a beard?

Bored of your regular look, a clean-shaven, soft boy look? It’s time to make everyone stare at you. Let’s fire up by growing a beard.

Most of you want to grow a beard but don’t know how to, especially if you are a beginner or a boy in his early twenties. But don’t worry! We got you back man! You will find everything about beard growth here only. We will bring you a step by step guide to tell you about growing, maintaining and styling your beard. One should use products like beard wax, beard serum and the best beard growth oil for styling and nourishing your beard.

Below are the steps:

Step 1 Preparing Your Face

Growing a beard takes a lot. You will find changes on your face. Therefore, preparing your face to avoid any kind of harm is important and crucial. It’s always better to have a style in mind before starting to work on it. Initially, in the first or second week, you will have a lot of eagerness to shave down or trim your unequal beard as it doesn’t look good. But you need to be patient and calm and pass this phase . In this stage many people feel flakiness and itching due to uneven growth. If it happens to you too, try massaging your beard with beard oil. It will take 7 to 10 days to notice the changes and results.

Step 2 Observing Your Beard

During the fortnight,you need to observe the growth pattern of your beard consistently as it helps in figuring out the shape of your beard. One thing to always keep in mind is that not every part of your beard grows at the same pace. You may notice thicker or thinner density across your face. You need to keep a check on your beard to observe which part is lacking growth. You can apply beard oil to boost up your growth, especially to the areas where your beard grows thinner. You might still feel itchiness and dryness too. It’s normal at this stage. Application of oil would give you relaxation. This stage is a minimum of two weeks.

Step 3 Grooming Session

Most men do not care about the grooming session. According them it is  meant only for girls. But they are wrong. Not washing your face or giving the adequate nourishment  can harm your dream of growing a beard. Grooming is the most essential part that you can not skip or delay.You need to wash your face regularly to get rid of pollution or oil or any product buildup that blocks your skin pores. Your skin pores would be sealed with dirt and grease which would lead to acne otherwise. Also, this is the period when you look for patchy areas of your beard. You can clean the patchy areas using a razor but do not trim down the length of your beard. This stage continues for the next two weeks.

Step 4 Understand Your Face

This is the most important part. Understanding your face. Before choosing a beard style or shape, you need to analyse your face to know what and which style would suit it. This stage will tell you what not to go for. By this time, you’ll enter the 2 month of your beard growth mission.

Step 5 Shape & Style Face

By the second month, you would see actual growth. Now it’s time to choose the shape and style of your beard. Promptly, by this stage,the empty patches of your beard must be filled with small or proper hair and you must have understood the direction of your hair growth. Now,it’s time to dig into the internet and search for a style and shape. There are many styles and shapes you can go for according to your preference. And don’t make hustle, take your time as you have invested enough to get here.

Grab her with your style

Men who have shunned trimmers and razors have the opportunity to style their beards and mustaches the way they want to, you guys are real gems. You are someone who loves to experiment and that might change your life. If you aren’t the person who gets settled with mediocrity, you are blessed. Limiting yourself is never a good option my friend. We should always try out of the box things. Things which will make  everyone else think about us. It can be your work,looks or styling. If you want to look different among the beard army, you gotta do something different. Something which is captivating and forces everyone to look at you with amazement. For instance, colouring your beard to neons. But this thing would take time. If you are a fresher, you must know the basics first. So, it’s time to go back to basics. The basic way of styling your beard is to set it with a beard wax formula that stays  for long.

Few types  of  beard are:

  1. Circle beard
  2. Goatee beard
  3. Petite beard
  4. Royal beard
  5. Balbo beard
  6. Anchor beard
  7. Short Box beard
  8. Horseshoe beard
  9. Original stach
  10. Chin strip

Beard wax

What is the ultimate way of styling a beard? This question has taken place all over. Beard wax it is! A beard wax gives you the ‘aww’ finish. It makes your beard look shinier, sexier and more sleaque. It is the best product for a man who is in love with his beard.

Finding a perfect beard wax might be difficult. But if you go online you would see apmle products of the best quality. They might be slightly expensive but worth investing in. One of the bestsellers is  DCARF. They have the best men’s grooming products and at reasonable prices.

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