What should we do if the casino asks for selfie verification?

by Carter Toni

It’s no secret that most online casinos have a firm customer verification requirement. This is done in order to prevent identity fraud and other subversive actions by third parties. Of course, the classic way to identify a player, is by handing over copies of identification documents. In some cases, however, so-called selfie verification may be requested, which we will open a word about in this article written for you.

What is casino selfie verification?

So far we know the standard type of verification, where you send a scanned or photographed ID. Often, you also need to add a copy of a bank card when you wish to receive your winnings on it. Last but not least, you may also be asked for casino selfie verification, where you take a photo of yourself with your ID. This type of identification is a little bit special and that’s what prompted us to introduce you to it in our post.

If the gambling operator requires selfie verification, you need to have a device that can take a picture of your face. This is most easily done with a smartphone, iPhone or tablet that can take photos. It is very important that the selfie taken is clearly visible so that you can be recognised. Sometimes they want you to hold up to your face, an ID card or passport. In case you don’t want to send your face to casino operators you should consider casino without selfie verification like the ones described here https://no-verification.casino/selfie/.

When is selfie verification required at a casino?

This mostly depends on the casino gaming site you have registered with. In case the data verification department doubts your identity, it is possible to ask for the selfie verification in question. At individual casinos this procedure may be mandatory, so always check with support. Naturally, there is nothing complicated in this kind of data verification, because today almost everyone has a mobile device that takes photos.

How do you make a successful selfie verification?

First of all, familiarize yourself with the requirements for selfie verification. These may involve sending (attaching) a photo, but you may also need to take a video. In both cases, quality is kept in mind because the operator needs to make sure that you are the person in the photo or video. Last but not least, make sure the selfie is similar to the photo on your ID. This way, the support will make a comparison and approve you.

Keep in mind that when selfie verification is requested, you cannot escape the procedure. Lack of identification on your account may result in account restrictions and also inability to withdraw your winnings. Therefore, this procedure cannot be skipped and it is wiser to go through it without lingering unnecessarily and not sending the selfie.

In summary

Above, we have given you information regarding casino selfie verification, and we hope that we have been able to be of help to you. However, if you have any further questions, then don’t hesitate to contact the casino site support to have all your queries answered. It is now time to wrap up our article and wish our readers the best of luck.

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