There’s no moment quite like that of passing your driving test and setting out to buy your first car. That being said, while this is generally an exciting experience, it can also be one filled with trepidation and concern as elements such as cost, reliability and comfort begin to wreak havoc on your car buying decision-making process. So many questions and aspects to consider pop up when buying any car—be it your first, 3rd, or 7th vehicle. Should it be diesel or gas? Wait, what about electric? If I get a hybrid vehicle, do I get a tax break? Can I use a tax calculator to figure this out? Does the vehicle have a salvage title? Do I need full coverage insurance? Not only do you need to think about the actual car itself but then other factors such as insurance, tax and accessories come into play, which can make the decision even tougher.

This process should be an exciting one and so to empathize that as much as possible, the below article has been put together highlighting exactly what you should look for when buying your first car. In just a few minutes you’ll have an idea on key factors to consider before you take to the road.

Before You Buy

Ensure you are in a strong enough position to afford a car. As previously stated, they can be pricey, so ensure you have an idea when it comes to budget and affordability. One of the best ways to afford a car without breaking the bank is to get one on finance so it’s a good idea to head over to sites such as Auto Finance Online. Here, in a few simple steps you will receive a quote within your budget, along with a list of vehicles from reputable dealers and assistance with all of the paperwork that comes with getting a vehicle.

New or Used?

This depends entirely on budget. Realistically, as a means to keep insurance costs as low as possible and also to keep yourself protected, you want one of the safest car possible. That being said, the quality of used cars has increased over the years due to the quality of cars constantly increasing, so you can get very safe and reliable used ones as well. 

Petrol or Diesel?

It is probably a good idea to opt for a petrol car over a diesel as if you want a small motor for your first car, there aren’t many available that run on diesel. Also, using a petrol car will equate to much better fuel consumption if you find yourself doing a lot of motorway miles.

The top recommendation is to get a small car that runs on petrol, ideally with stop-start if that’s an available feature as that will also cut down the costs of running the vehicle. Granted, the feeling of the engine cutting out while the car is in neutral can be unnerving, especially for a first-time driver, but you will soon get into the habit of saving fuel and making your money stretch further.

Manual or Automatic

If you have an automatic-only license, then the answer to this question is fairly straight forward. If you have the luxury of choice though, a manual car is always best for first-time drivers. Not only are automatic gear boxes more expensive but driving manually helps to build your confidence on the roads.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff