What’s the need to hire title IX attorneys when schools appoint investigators?

by Carter Toni

All federally-funded schools and higher education institutions in the US practice the title IX law that was initially introduced in 1972 with the intention of protecting students and faculty alike from any kind of sexual harassment or discrimination on campus.

Nowadays, Title IX has become a nightmare for many students that are falsely framed and accused. If somebody has made a Title IX allegation against you, wasting time and expecting the school authorities to investigate fully can put your career to an end before it can even begin.

Wondering what you should do in such cases? If yes, you’ve happened to land on the right page. This quick post will take you through all the details about Title IX cases in the US. Dive in!

Are Title IX allegations very serious?

The answer to this question is an affirmative Yes. Since schools that fail to punish the guilty stop receiving funding from the federal government, the authorities rush through cases.

As a result, the accused is mostly deemed guilty even if it’s not the case. For instance, mutual sex isn’t sexual assault. But, if anybody puts title IX allegation on you despite the sex wasn’t an act of crime but a mutual decision, you’ll most likely be expelled from the school if you don’t have a competent attorney representing your side.

Similarly, forcefully kissing somebody is wrong, but classifying it under title IX might not only get you expelled, but the record of being a sex offender in your academic profile will ruin your chances of ever getting into certain institutions.

In order to defend your rights in case you’re not guilty, or to help reduce the penalty so that you don’t have to carry the blot of being an offender, you need the guidance of an experienced Title IX advisor in Texas.

How does the choice of a title IX attorney matter?

Schools always appoint investigators, but that’s hardly ever helpful. The school isn’t guarding your interest by offering you a chance at a fair trial, it’s trying to protect its funding.

Only a title IX attorney is trying to guard your rights. When you hire an attorney, the case will be thoroughly investigated.

  • Your attorney will gather medical reports of the victim to support your claim of being not guilty.
  • Eyewitnesses will be interviewed.
  • Every proof will be collected and presented at the hearing to prove your innocence or reduce the severity of the penalty.

Concluding Thoughts:

Title IX charges, if proven, are extremely damaging. You might not be able to get into certain schools or follow certain careers, EVER. So, if you ever end up on the wrong side of being accused, don’t hold back and contact a title IX attorney soon.

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