What’s Trending in SEO and Content Marketing?

by Manisha Rao

Content Marketing

We can see the continuous evolution in the content marketing industry. The trends in the content marketing appear to mingle with other aspects of the marketing. Content marketing with SEO has teamed up as a crucial quality and facet of the marketing sphere. We can even say, they have to work hand in hand to fulfill the marketing goals. Trends changing in content marketing are also going to affect the SEO.

Honestly speaking, content is the foundation of all forms of marketing. The quality of the content and placement can make or break a marketing campaign. Content marketing can be defined as creating and distributing the content to achieve various marketing goals. If content marketing is done right, it can proved to be the most potential weapon in marketing arsenal. Content is the important part which can help you develop your brand, create brand awareness, get website traffic and even drive sales. This means that content marketing is an integral part in the strategy of marketing departments. Below mentioned are some of the key content marketing trends, which will help you to shape your content marketing strategy:

1. Content marketing is mainstream: For few years, content marketing used to be an additional form of marketing for a business. But, now things have turned and content marketing has become the mainstream in the marketing facets. No longer are businesses seeing it as an option, it is now a part of mainstream marketing efforts. It is due to the content marketing that any business is able to build better relationships with customers. It is because of the content that businesses are able to trust a brand and understand more about a business. Good content marketing is a source of developing new leads for business.

2. Making personal relationships: Effective content marketing is a trend, which is all about indulging consumers with articles and videos. You are able to succeed by fostering a good connection with them. Here are some of the ways to emphasize a personal connection with your customers as part of content marketing efforts.

  • Reply to their queries promptly: If a user gets in touch via any medium like social media, email, blog comment, text message, respond as quickly as possible. Giving prompt reply to a customer shows that you listened and understood.
  • Showcase your employees: Apart from just featuring your products or services, showcase your team members to step out in front and shine. Revealing the person behind the brand is a powerful way to connect person to person.
  • Run Facebook Live Q&As: Take a moment to chat with your clients. And, to do it Facebook Live and Q&A are the best ways to connect with consumers in real-time.

4. Avail influencer content for success: We understand that influencers are an integral part of the society and they play a major role in influencing and convincing their followers. Using influencers and their skills for marketing purposes is quite a quality trend. And, it is followed by many of the companies across the world. These influencers helpful for the companies as they can advertise in the form of convincing blogs and boost up their popularity.

SEO Trends

We all know that SEO trends are changing each day and it has become hard for the companies to keep a track of them. Be it the virtual reality, augmented reality or the voice search, the Digital Marketing landscape has been changing. Therefore, it’s very important to grab a follow up to the new trends to shine out in the changing SEO landscape. It is important for the companies to think about SEO strategy in advance to remain atop the waves. There is one shortcut to success that is to remain well-versed with the upcoming trends and work out an action plan for each. SEO is an evolving art form than science. SEO revolves mostly revolves around competitor analysis and determining the exact ranking factors behind any given keyword. Working by keeping everything in mind is important. So, let us explore some of the recent trends of SEO and ways to embrace them.

1. Video Content Optimization: Video has taken the SEO to another level. Video content has surpassed all content forms as most of the consumers are using mobile data for audio and video content. According to a report, it is expected that by the year 2021, 78% of the mobile data will be consumed on Video. Video will be become a major marketing tool.

Some of the prominent aspects of Video which you optimize:

  • Channel name: The advertisers should touch 500 subscribers mark as soon as possible. This must be done to claim a vanity URL. And, this is something very important when it comes to SEO.
  • Channel keywords usage: The elements of channel keywords help the advertisers to place important keywords on the channel to drive traffic. The focus must be given to YouTube optimized keywords.
  • Description: Description must contain keywords, which will be help the users to find you and know what you are doing. Don’t skip optimizing the YouTube description area.

2. Voice Search is a thing: Voice search has become very popular trend as it allows to search anything on the Google with a voice command. Voice search has become a major task to SEO experts. This is because voice searches are totally different from the ones that are entered into the browsers. This is the reason that SEO specialists are urged to use the results that are founded on the long tail keyword questions.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has become the important technologies today. Even organizations like Google are using artificial intelligence to improve the results of user searches. Artificial intelligence has progressively been developed to know the characteristics of what makes published articles valuable or not. It automatically classifies the web pages and determines their rankings.


To remain ahead of the competition, it is important to keep yourself updated with the changing market dynamics. Adapting to emerging technologies will help you to achieve business goals successfully.

Which is your favorite trend in SEO and Content Marketing?

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