When Can You Not Ship a Barrel?

by Carter Toni

Barrels are one of the most efficient industrial packaging available, and they’re ideal for transporting anything from one nation to another.

Moving a barrel across an ocean isn’t as simple as putting one in a barrel and shipping it to another nation. If you’re transporting industrial products in shipping containers, make sure you get the right sort of barrel, protect your items, and affix the correct labels. to assist you, ITP Packaging provides a brief overview of how to

How to Choose the Right Type of Shipping Barrel

If you’re preparing to transport items or materials across borders, you’ll need to pick the right shipping barrel, otherwise, your products may be harmed, the barrels could be seized, or in the worst-case scenario, an accident might occur.

There are a variety of shipping barrels available for commercial and individual use, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most frequently used shipping barrels are: Steel drums Plastic barrels Fibre drums Each of these sorts of shipping barrels has advantages and drawbacks, and the greatest type for you will be determined by several criteria.

The Most Important Factors To Consider Are:

What are you sending? How much does it cost to ship? What is the approximate weight of your packages? How much will the shipping cost me per item? What is your total budget for this project?

If you’re shipping a lot of industrial items that need to be kept safe, a steel drum is a way to go. A food-grade plastic barrel, on the other hand, would be ideal for transporting food or beverages if you have limited funds and the things you’re transporting aren’t fragile. Fiber drums are an excellent method to transport goods.

How to Protect Your Goods for Travel

The sort of shipping barrel you choose will have a significant influence on the safety of your goods throughout transit. If you need further protection, a heavy-duty steel barrel is usually superior to a less sturdy fiber drum. You may also get extra layers of protection for your barrels before they are sent out. Linings for drums can help prevent liquids from coming

Breakable goods can be packed with protective packaging such as polystyrene, bubble wrap, cardboard and more.

Why Is Labelling Important?

Labelling your shipping barrels is just as important as selecting the correct barrel and protecting your goods. Incorrect labelling can result in your goods being stopped at the border and impounded by customs – and that can mean delayed shipping times and expensive fines.

The contents of shipping barrels must be correctly labelled to meet international shipping standards and fulfil the requirements of the country they’re going to. Labels should at least indicate what’s inside the cargo container. Because each country has different rules on whether or not you need to be more detailed, double-check.

If you’re shipping perishables, combustible, or hazardous products, make sure the barrel is marked as such. When transporting fragile items, it’s also a good idea to mention that the barrel is “fragile.”

What Goods Cannot Be Shipped?

Not all goods can be shipped, however, even if they’re correctly packed and labelled. Before shipping a barrel, it’s important to check if you can legally ship the goods, or else you could get into trouble with the authorities.

Dangerous goods, such as firearms and explosives, cannot be sent internationally or swiftly. Firearms, pyrotechnics, explosives, chemicals, and hazardous waste are all examples of prohibited items. Many nations have limits on a variety of foods and organic materials like soil, seeds, and plant material. Alcohol and tobacco are generally forbidden unless significant duties and import fees.

Barrels that are damaged or show obvious fractures are frequently unable to be transported, so double-check the shipping barrel’s quality and make sure it’s UN-approved before buying.

Contact ITP Packaging Today to Find Out More About Barrels

Industrial barrels and drums are the most effective packaging choice for numerous industrial products due to their robust, long-lasting, and adaptable nature.

ITP Packaging stocks a comprehensive range of industrial barrels, including steel and plastic drums. Contact their packaging experts today to place your next order.

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