When is it Time to Lift Heavier Weights?

by James Martin

It is a well-known fact that if you want to reduce weight and gain muscle, you must exercise at the gym using both cardio and weight training. The most frequent error made by beginners is overworking themselves with heavy weights, which can result in significant damage. On the other hand, those unsure when to begin lifting heavier weights are the exception. It takes time for the body to adjust to lifting modest weights; as your muscles grow stronger, you should gradually increase your weight and switch up your lifting gear. Additionally, you will want the assistance of a virtual personal trainer for the steady addition of weights.

Here are the obvious signs that indicate you need to lift heavier weights:

The Current Weight You Lift Seems Very Easy

Strength training is not intended to be easy because it is founded on the overload principle, which argues that if your muscles are hurt little, they will heal and grow stronger. If you discover that your current weight lifting routine is no longer as tough as it once was, it may be time to upgrade to heavier weights.

When You Have Been Lifting The Same Weights For A Long Time

You may be at risk if you began lifting weights only a few months ago but have not yet gained weight. All other factors being equal, it is true that you cannot see development without increasing your weight. When weight is added, strength grows proportionately. Remember that the goal is to get the most out of your gym workouts; do not restrict yourself to the starting weight. Adjust the weight as your physique changes.

When You Think Your Progress Is Delayed

If you have been making progress at the gym for a while, but suddenly nothing seems to be happening, it’s time to increase your weights. If your muscles are not put under any effort, they will not expand. With the same weight lifted, your muscles will function at their previous level, if not higher. This is why you’ve come to a halt.

If You Think You Can Train Longer

Finally, if your strength training workout feels as if it might continue indefinitely, your technique has an issue. Muscle exhaustion typically occurs between 10 and 15 repetitions; therefore, if you have the energy to lift more weight, you are not lifting enough! The body’s little weight provides this resistance to exercise. If you are training alone, it is best to have a personal trainer at home.

Many people fail to notice any substantial development at the gym as a result of poor weight lifting, and they are unclear of the cause. There is much more to it than merely lifting weights when it comes to strength development and maintenance. Here are four obvious signs that you need to increase your weightlifting if you’re feeling stuck. A personal trainer at home will be a good addition to your desire to lift heavier weight and become more fit.


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