When you hit rock bottom: What is the solution

by James Martin

Reaching the bottom is something that neither of us is insured against. Life is so diverse that while thinking about how good we feel at the top, the next moment we may find ourselves in the abyss.

The abyss of despair and lack of life force, which can be caused by countless circumstances. Loss of a loved one, severe separation, illness and what not. And when that happens, we are one step away from mental illness, addictions, even the thought of ending our lives.

The “bottom” is conditionally the end point of bad luck, trouble and despair. Our emotions, physical condition, social life and career go to hell. Only fear and sadness remain.

Absolutely everyone goes through such “life tests” from time to time. Dramas and tragedies happen in our lives just when we don’t expect them at all. We make plans, set goals, dream and suddenly … Everything fails from some unexpected and sad event!

Then we say to ourselves, “There’s nothing worse.” That is, we have reached the very bottom. In such bitter moments we are hopeless and as if we do not have the strength to fight for our survival. We have the feeling that no one can help us, that God himself has abandoned us.

The book “Pure Consciousness”, presented by pureconsciousness.info, is aimed at all those who have fallen into such an abyss. In it, the author not only explains in detail what is happening in the human mind, but also gives specific solutions and techniques with which we can “come to the surface“. To take life into our own hands, to be ourselves again, transforming ourselves into an improved version.

 The book is divided into chapters, covering a full range of the most important issues we face as individuals. And most importantly, it provides solutions. Therefore, it can serve as an extremely useful guide for anyone who wants to find their own happiness . All techniques are explained in very accessible language and can be performed in any place and at any convenient time.

After reading the book “Pure Consciousness” you will realize many things that have escaped you so far, but are so important for our well-being and spiritual growth. The techniques have been tested and proven to work, although the author himself says that he does not know the exact mechanism by which they work. But if we think about it, there are so many things in our lives that are still inexplicable to science and yet they are a fact.

If you’ve been to the bottom, you know how hard it is to get out . The road up is unbearably difficult, so it sometimes takes years, and there are times when even a lifetime can be wasted.

But not now, when there is a way to help ourselves and overcome even the most insurmountable things. The answers to all the questions you are looking for are waiting for you. The book “Pure Consciousness” is completely free and created for all of us who want to change our lives for the better. And as the author himself says, “If this text can touch, change or save even one human life, then it has repeatedly exceeded its purpose.”

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