Where Can I Find a Record of Stocks Over the Years?

by James Martin

The stock market movement has been occurring throughout the business world for centuries. From the first stock market established in the Dutch trading center of Amsterdam in 1602 to the modern centers of financial power in London, New York, Tokyo, and beyond; stock trading has transformed while turning back toward its roots through each new evolution. In the early days of the stock market, most stocks were owned by wealthy families and merchants. The stock market crash of 1929 was the first time that the general public lost significant amounts of money in the stock market whereas the crash of 1987 was the first time that computerized trading played a significant role in the stock market. The market has evolved so much since then.

Evaluating historical charts with resources like FinanceCharts is the best way to understand where commodity price points have been in an effort to project where they may be heading in the future. While no market movements can be assured over the long term, realized profit-taking makes for a wonderful landscape of investment decision-making that relies on a firm foundation. Knowledge of past performance and a pairing of this data with real-world events and financial movements is key when hoping to lock in great profits or protect your assets while buying more shares at a massive discount. A chart resource is a must when approaching any kind of stock trading. Whether you’re a swing or momentum trader, or someone who purchases each month and rebalances their holdings once per quarter or year, finding a resource that you can count on for accurate data and a wealth of different market metrics is crucial.

FinanceCharts offers a huge library of historical stock data.

Financial datasets are a core component of high-quality investment decision-making. With great financial information on a broad spectrum of companies, you can evaluate different opportunities within and across sectors against one another with ease. Finance Charts is an industry leader in company data repository sites and offers a standardized 20-year charting option that will help you evaluate long-running trends across industry and company lines.

One benefit that this library can provide to stock traders over other outlets is the sheer volume of additional data products. From market metrics that follow dividend payout growth, ETF performance, best and worst performers over varying timelines, and sector-specific charts, the database is wide-ranging and comprehensive in each segment covered. Research that leans on this kind of database is often intensely complete and allows for greater confidence when approaching any new decision-making. Getting the most out of your stock trading starts with the tools that you use, and the following toolbox is grand!

Research offers the only viable path forward.

The truth about investing is that research is the core tenant of good strategy and high-quality profits. Without a commitment to conducting your own research on a consistent basis, you can’t expect to earn much in the way of asset appreciation and growing dividend profits. Portfolios that evolve and adapt alongside the market itself are the ones that are poised for breakout success over the long term and through varying marketplace conditions and challenges.

Historical data is an essential component of great trading strategies of all types. This includes day trading, growth investing, momentum investing, and quantamental investing. With the trending data that spans decades at your disposal, you can identify gradual movements within segments of the marketplace and build a greater understanding of the underlying currents that move individual companies and their marketplace niches forward in the wider world of industry. A long, 20-year stock market analysis helps you to plot a course toward the next two decades with greater confidence, and it can mean the difference between a comfortable nest egg and additional years spent in the workforce.

Make sure you’re always using the best data products and stock pricing charts that you can find. With resources like FinanceCharts, getting the information you need to make smarter investment decisions each and every time is streamlined and simple.


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