Where is Erik Maund Now? Is Erik Maund in Jail? Who is Erik Maund?

by Moore Martin

Where is Erik Maund Now

Where is Erik Maund Now

In recent years, the name Erik Maund has become synonymous with scandal and crime rather than business success. Once a prominent figure in the car dealership industry, Maund’s life took a dark turn with his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot. This article delves into the details of Erik Maund’s downfall, his current legal status, and the consequences of his actions.


Erik Maund, a former affluent businessman based in Austin, Texas, finds himself in a drastically different situation today than he did in his heyday. From leading a successful career to facing the grim reality of incarceration, Maund’s journey reflects the stark consequences of unethical decisions.

Erik Maund’s Background

Maund’s story begins in Austin, where he established himself in the competitive world of car dealerships. With a family history deeply rooted in the industry, he enjoyed both financial prosperity and social standing.

The Affair and Extortion

However, Maund’s downfall commenced when he engaged in an extramarital affair with Holly Williams, a woman from Nashville, Tennessee. This affair took a sinister turn when Williams’ estranged boyfriend, Bill Lanway, discovered the infidelity and attempted to extort money from Maund to keep it quiet.

The Murder-for-Hire Plot

In a desperate bid to safeguard his reputation and family, Maund made the fateful decision to pursue a murder-for-hire scheme. He enlisted the help of accomplices Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey to eliminate Lanway and Williams permanently.

Legal Proceedings

Following a comprehensive investigation, Maund, along with Brockway and Carey, faced trial for their involvement in the heinous crimes. The legal proceedings shed light on the intricate details of the murder-for-hire plot and its tragic consequences.

Maund’s Conviction and Sentencing

Ultimately, the court delivered a verdict of guilt for Maund and his cohorts. They were convicted on charges of murder-for-hire and conspiracy, among others, and now await sentencing, which is scheduled for 2024.

Impact of the Case

The case surrounding Erik Maund has garnered significant attention from the media and the public, serving as a cautionary tale about the perils of succumbing to greed and deceit. It underscores the importance of ethical conduct and the dire repercussions of deviating from moral principles.


In conclusion, Erik Maund’s journey from success to infamy serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of one’s choices. His descent into criminality and subsequent imprisonment highlight the fragility of reputation and the enduring power of justice.


1. Who is Erik Maund?

Erik Maund is a wealthy businessman from Austin, Texas, formerly involved in the car dealership industry.

2. What happened in the case involving Erik Maund?

Maund became entangled in a scandalous affair, leading to blackmail and eventually murder-for-hire.

3. What charges did Erik Maund face?

Maund faced charges including murder-for-hire and conspiracy related to the kidnapping and murder of Holly Williams and Bill Lanway.

4. What is Erik Maund’s occupation?

Erik Maund is a wealthy businessman from Austin, Texas, formerly involved in the car dealership industry.

5. Is Erik Maund in Jail?

Yes, Erik Maund is in jail, awaiting sentencing for his involvement in the murder-for-hire plot.

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