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by Moore Martin

CNN’s New Hampshire Town Hall: Where to Watch This article has links and details about people’s reactions.

Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s frontrunner for the Presidential Primary of 2024, appeared on CNN Town Hall on Tuesday. Interested in watching an hour-long forum with people from all walks of life?

We shared links on the Where To Watch Trump Town Hall blog as people from the United States and Canada searched for the event following the Town Hall event.

Town Hall Show with Donald Trump:

On Wednesday 10th May 2023, Trump appeared on CNN for one hour following the Manhattan Court verdict.

As a result of the way CNN conducted its show, falsehoods were spread easily. The show was broadcast live to a Republican audience. Moderator Collins allowed New Hampshire voters to hear the Presidential Primary candidates. It is also viewed by many United States citizens as a campaign for the presidential election in 2024.

How can I watch Trump’s CNN Town Hall?

Users of Android and iOS mobile devices can download the CNN App and watch the show directly on their phone. In countries like Canada, people can watch CNN OTT via the TV channel.

Starting on 11th May 2023, CNN.com, CNN OTT subscribers, and cable operators will be able to access Town Hall content on demand.

In 2023, what will the Trump CNN Town Hall be about?

A CNN Town Hall Forum was held in New Hampshire because New Hampshire voters are the first to vote for the Republican Presidential candidate election. Donald Trump had a great opportunity to speak to his supporters during the Town Hall Forum. According to some voters, Trump has done it well.

Trump is viewed by most voters as honest, straightforward, and always expresses his opinion. The court charges and recent Manhattan verdict have not seemed to affect voting patterns.

YouTube video of Donald Trump’s CNN town hall goes viral

Several clips from Wednesday’s Town Hall have been viewed by many netizens. CNN’s video of three minutes and twelve seconds was viewed 506k times and generated 8359 comments.

Donald Trump was asked what suggestions he had for the debt problem by the moderator. Public attention has been drawn to similar short videos, which ask different questions. He said the country should default if the White House refused to cut spending. It’s important for them to know Trump’s opinion on a major issue facing the country.

Reactions to Trump’s Town Hall on Reddit

The Reddit community responded massively to the CNN Town Hall post. On the r/politics forum, a post titled Trump refuses to acknowledge the loss of 2020 rigged elections drew over 3.3k comments in just one day. According to the majority of netizens, the former president has taken advantage of this opportunity.

The verdict is in

CNN is the target of Trump’s critics, but his supporters support him. The CNN Town Hall has been viewed over 3.5 million times.

Did CNN Network err by hosting Donald Trump at a Town Hall? Let us know your thoughts.

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