Who is Brandon Olsen? What Did Brandon Olsen Do? Who is Brandon Olsen?

by Moore Martin

Who is Brandon Olsen

In the dark of night on January 2, 2024, the Colorado Supreme Court building in Denver became the scene of a chilling incident that sent shockwaves through the state. Brandon Olsen, a 44-year-old individual, broke into the iconic institution, leaving everyone wondering, “Who is Brandon Olsen, and what drove him to commit such a daring act?”

The Enigmatic Brandon Olsen

Brandon Olsen, aged 44, gained attention in January 2024 when he was arrested for breaking into the Colorado Supreme Court building in Denver. Despite limited information about his personal background, Olsen has a history of legal issues in Colorado, notably involving a two-vehicle crash.

The Night of Intrigue

On the night of January 2, 2024, Brandon Olsen initiated a series of troubling events. After a two-vehicle crash, he allegedly shot out a window of the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center in Denver and entered the building. Olsen confronted an unarmed security guard, forcibly took their keys, and proceeded to move through different parts of the building.

Chaos Unleashed

Once on the seventh floor, he fired shots and started a fire in a stairwell. The Denver Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol responded to the scene, and Olsen willingly surrendered to authorities around 3:00 a.m.

Decades of Deviance

Brandon Olsen has a criminal history in Colorado that spans over a decade. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft. Prior to that, in 2011 and 2013, he faced arrests related to drug charges.

The 2011 Incident

The 2011 incident resulted in Olsen pleading guilty to felony vehicular eluding, while other charges, including possessing methamphetamine, were dismissed. This history of legal issues provides context to Olsen’s recent actions and suggests a pattern of criminal behavior over the years.

Behind Bars

Currently, Brandon Olsen is in custody following his arrest in connection with the break-in and crime spree at the Colorado Supreme Court building. After surrendering to authorities around 3:00 a.m. on January 2, 2024, he was taken into custody without further incident. Olsen was transported to a hospital for clearance by medical personnel, and reports indicate that he is currently being held at the Denver Jail.

Legal Proceedings

Legal proceedings are underway, with charges of arson, robbery, and burglary pending a final decision by the Denver District Attorney’s Office. The aftermath of Olsen’s actions and the impact on the Colorado Supreme Court building are part of the ongoing investigation.

Brandon Olsen – FAQs

1. Who is Brandon Olsen?

  • Brandon Olsen is a 44-year-old individual.

2. What did Brandon Olsen do?

  • On the night of January 2, 2024, Olsen shot a window, entered the Colorado Supreme Court building, confronted a security guard, fired shots on the seventh floor, and started a fire in a stairwell.

3. What were the charges in 2011?

  • In 2011, Olsen pleaded guilty to felony vehicular eluding, and other charges, such as possessing methamphetamine, were dismissed.

4. Where is Brandon Olsen now?

  • Currently, Olsen is in custody at the Denver Jail after surrendering to authorities around 3:00 a.m. on January 2, 2024.

5. Why did Olsen start a fire?

  • The motive behind Olsen starting a fire in the stairwell remains unknown, and authorities are investigating the incident.

In conclusion, Brandon Olsen’s actions on that fateful night have left many perplexed, and the full story behind this incident is still unfolding. As the legal proceedings progress, more details about his motivations and the consequences of his actions will come to light. Stay tuned for updates on this intriguing case.

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