Who is Joseph Ladapo? What Really Happened To The Surgeon General Of Florida?

by Moore Martin

Who is Joseph Ladapo


Joseph Ladapo’s name has been making headlines across Florida and beyond. From his rapid rise to the position of Florida’s surgeon general to his controversial stances on various health-related matters, Ladapo’s journey has been nothing short of intriguing. In this article, we will delve into the background of Joseph Ladapo and explore the controversies surrounding his tenure as the surgeon general of Florida. Let’s embark on this informative journey to gain a better understanding of who Joseph Ladapo is and what has transpired during his time in office.

The Promising Start

At the University of Florida, Joseph Ladapo’s career began with high hopes. His nomination to a tenured professorship, along with his appointment as Florida’s surgeon general in 2021, was met with optimism and enthusiasm. Ladapo’s impressive qualifications, including his Harvard training and previous roles as a research professor at UCLA and New York University, fueled expectations that he would be a valuable asset to the state.

A Surprising Turn of Events

However, the optimism quickly waned as Joseph Ladapo’s actions did not align with the initial expectations. Instead of pursuing a career in internal medicine as anticipated, Ladapo chose a different path. He authored a memoir expressing reservations about vaccines, engaged in guest speaking sessions with graduate students, and edited scientific research articles. These choices raised eyebrows and diverted attention towards his unorthodox approach to public health.

Controversial Stances on COVID-19

Joseph Ladapo’s tenure as surgeon general was marred by controversies, particularly regarding his positions on COVID-19. His assertion that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines posed risks to young, healthy males and his recommendation against individuals under 65 receiving the latest COVID booster doses garnered national attention. These stances put him at odds with mainstream medical advice and raised concerns within the medical community.

The Hydroxychloroquine Endorsement

Another point of contention during Ladapo’s tenure was his endorsement of hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial drug championed by former President Donald Trump as a potential COVID-19 treatment. Subsequent investigations failed to validate the drug’s efficacy in preventing the virus, casting further doubt on Ladapo’s judgment and decision-making.

Rapid Appointments and Raised Eyebrows

The speed at which Joseph Ladapo’s appointment process transpired also raised suspicions. While the tenure-track professorship selection typically involves lengthy evaluation processes, Ladapo’s application was expedited, taking less than three weeks. This hastiness led some to question whether he had undergone the thorough vetting typically associated with such positions, leaving room for skepticism and uncertainty.


In conclusion, Joseph Ladapo’s journey from a promising academic career to the position of Florida’s surgeon general has been marked by controversy and unorthodox decisions. His unconventional stances on vaccines, COVID-19, and hydroxychloroquine have drawn national attention and raised questions about his suitability for the role. The rapidity of his appointments has also left many wondering whether due diligence was exercised in his selection.

While Joseph Ladapo’s tenure has been divisive, it has undeniably sparked conversations and debates on crucial health-related topics. As the public continues to seek information about him, it is clear that his impact on the medical landscape and public discourse will be a subject of ongoing interest and scrutiny.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Joseph Ladapo’s background?

    Joseph Ladapo has an extensive academic background, including training at Harvard and prior roles as a research professor at UCLA and New York University.

  2. What controversies surrounded Joseph Ladapo’s tenure as surgeon general?

    Ladapo faced controversies related to his positions on COVID-19, vaccines, and his endorsement of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment.

  3. Why did Joseph Ladapo’s appointment raise suspicions?

    The speed at which Ladapo’s appointment process occurred, taking less than three weeks, led to concerns about the thoroughness of his vetting.

  4. What impact has Joseph Ladapo had on public health discourse?

    Joseph Ladapo’s tenure has sparked debates and discussions on important health-related topics, making him a subject of ongoing interest.

  5. Where can I access more information about Joseph Ladapo’s tenure and controversies?

    For more in-depth information and updates, visit here.

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