Who is Leaving Call the Midwife 2023? Why Jessica Raine Left Call the Midwife?

by Moore Martin

Who is Leaving Call the Midwife 2023


The world of television is often filled with surprises, and one of the most beloved shows, “Call the Midwife,” is no exception. As we look forward to the next season, there’s buzz about some familiar faces departing from the series. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of who is leaving “Call the Midwife” in 2023 and the intriguing reasons behind their departures.

Olly Rix’s Departure

In 2023, fans of “Call the Midwife” were met with unexpected news – Olly Rix, the talented actor who portrayed Matthew Alyward, announced that he would not be returning for Season 13. This revelation left many viewers puzzled, especially since Matthew Alyward had just tied the knot with Nurse Trixie Franklin in the Season 12 finale. However, what makes this departure even more mysterious is the absence of any official statements from Olly Rix or the BBC regarding the reasons behind his exit.

Leonie Elliot’s Farewell

Adding to the intrigue of the show’s cast changes in 2023, Leonie Elliot, who beautifully portrayed Lucille Anderson, also bid farewell to “Call the Midwife.” Her departure was met with heartfelt gratitude as she expressed her appreciation to the fans and the creators for their support. While there’s a possibility of her return in the future, the exact motivations behind her exit have not been disclosed, leaving fans curious about the future of Lucille Anderson’s character.

The Jessica Raine Saga

Another significant departure in the history of “Call the Midwife” was that of Jessica Raine, who played the role of Nurse Jennifer Lee. Her exit from the show occurred after Season 3 and left a lasting impact on the series. As the central character, her departure was addressed in the storyline as her character left the East End to work in the Marie Curie cancer hospital.

Jessica Raine’s decision to leave “Call the Midwife” was driven by her pursuit of new acting opportunities, particularly in the United States. This marked a significant turning point in her career, opening doors to various roles in movies and TV shows, including memorable appearances in “Doctor Who” and “The Woman in Black.” Although her absence was felt by loyal fans of the show, her departure showcased her versatility as an actress and her readiness to embrace diverse projects in the entertainment industry.

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Who is Leaving Call the Midwife 2023? – FAQs

1. Why did Olly Rix leave Call the Midwife in 2023?

Olly Rix decided not to return for Call the Midwife Season 13, but the reason for his departure is still unknown as no statements have been provided by him or the BBC.

2. Who is Matthew Alyward in Call the Midwife?

Matthew Alyward is a character portrayed by Olly Rix in Call the Midwife. He married Nurse Trixie Franklin in the Season 12 finale.

3. Why is Leonie Elliot leaving Call the Midwife?

Leonie Elliot, who played Lucille Anderson, won’t be returning for Call the Midwife Season 13. While the possibility of her return exists, the reasons for her departure haven’t been disclosed.

4. What character did Leonie Elliot play in Call the Midwife?

Leonie Elliot portrayed the character Lucille Anderson in Call the Midwife.

5. Is there any statement from Olly Rix about leaving Call the Midwife?

As of now, Olly Rix and the BBC haven’t provided any statements regarding his departure from Call the Midwife.

6. Why did Jessica Raine leave Call the Midwife?

Jessica Raine left the show to pursue new acting opportunities in the United States.

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