Who is Leaving Chicago Fire 2024? A New Spinoff on the Horizon?

by Moore Martin

Who is Leaving Chicago Fire 2024

In the world of television series, change is inevitable, and “Chicago Fire” fans are in for some major shifts in 2024. Kara Killmer, Alberto Rosende, and Tracy Spiridakos are set to bid farewell to the beloved show, leaving fans curious about the future. Additionally, rumors are swirling about the possibility of a new spinoff, but is it really happening? Let’s dive into the details.

Saying Goodbye to Familiar Faces

Kara Killmer, who has graced the screens as Sylvie Brett for nearly a decade, is preparing to say goodbye to her beloved character. Brett’s departure is intricately tied to a significant life decision, which centers around a Season 11 finale cliffhanger where her ex-boyfriend proposes to her. The exact details of how Sylvie Brett’s story will conclude remain shrouded in mystery, adding an extra layer of anticipation for fans eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes.

Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo

Alberto Rosende, who joined the “Chicago Fire” cast in Season 8 as firefighter Blake Gallo, is set to exit the show during the Season 12 premiere. Gallo was introduced as a replacement for Brian “Otis” Zvonecek and quickly became an integral part of the series. However, the reasons behind Gallo’s departure and the circumstances surrounding his exit have not been revealed, leaving fans intrigued and eager to see how his story unfolds in the upcoming season.

Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey Upton

Tracy Spiridakos, known for her role as Detective Hailey Upton in “Chicago PD” since Season 5, is also bidding farewell to the series in 2024. Upton’s exit comes after facing significant challenges in her marriage with Jay Halstead, who departed earlier in Season 10. While the exact reasons for Hailey Upton’s departure are being kept under wraps, fans are left speculating about how her character’s storyline will unfold and whether it will be connected to her relationship with Jay Halstead.

A New Spinoff on the Horizon?

In 2024, the rumor mill has been working overtime, with fans speculating about the possibility of a new spinoff from “Chicago Fire.” This time, the focus seems to be shifting to the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI). The departure of the beloved character Severide, portrayed by Taylor Kinney, has fueled these discussions. Some viewers have even suggested that Severide might lead the potential spinoff, exploring new storylines and adventures within the OFI.

However, it’s important to approach this idea with caution. While the prospect of a Severide-led spinoff is intriguing, there are valid concerns about the potential risks involved in taking such a pivotal character away from the flagship show. Spinoffs have certainly worked well for the One Chicago franchise with series like “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD,” but there is hesitancy about repeating past attempts that didn’t fare as successfully.

A case in point is the previous spinoff, “Chicago Justice,” which faced significant challenges after poaching a character from another show, ultimately leading to its cancellation after just one season. As of now, there are no concrete plans or serious discussions about a Severide-led spinoff. Many fans are relieved that such a move hasn’t been actively pursued, considering the potential impact on the character’s established narrative within “Chicago Fire.”

In conclusion, 2024 is shaping up to be a year of change for “Chicago Fire” fans, with the departure of some beloved characters and the uncertainty surrounding the possibility of a new spinoff. As we eagerly await more information, one thing remains certain: the world of “Chicago Fire” will continue to captivate audiences with its gripping stories and unforgettable characters.

Who’s Leaving Chicago Fire 2024 – FAQs

  1. Why is Kara Killmer leaving “Chicago Fire” in 2024? Kara Killmer, who played Sylvie Brett, is leaving the show due to a significant life decision connected to a Season 11 finale cliffhanger where her ex-boyfriend proposes.
  2. Who is Alberto Rosende, and why is he exiting “Chicago Fire” Season 12? Alberto Rosende portrayed firefighter Blake Gallo in Season 8 and will exit during Season 12’s premiere. The reasons for his departure are yet to be revealed.
  3. Are there concrete plans for a new “Chicago Fire” spinoff in 2024? As of now, there are no concrete plans for a new spinoff from “Chicago Fire,” despite speculation about a potential focus on the Office of Fire Investigation (OFI).
  4. Why are fans speculating about Taylor Kinney’s character, Severide, leading a spinoff? Fans are speculating about Severide leading a spinoff due to his temporary absence from “Chicago Fire.” However, there are concerns about the risks involved.
  5. Has a “Chicago Fire” spinoff been attempted before? Yes, a previous spinoff called “Chicago Justice” was attempted but faced challenges, leading to its cancellation after one season.

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