Who is Leaving Chicago Fire Tonight Episode? The Departure of Joe Cruz!

by Moore Martin

Who is Leaving Chicago Fire Tonight Episode

Who is Leaving Chicago Fire Tonight Episode

In the latest episode of “Chicago Fire,” a significant character bids farewell, adding emotional twists to Firehouse 51. Discover who is saying goodbye in this pivotal episode filled with dramatic decisions and farewells.


The world of “Chicago Fire” is no stranger to emotional departures, and tonight’s episode is no exception. After Blake Gallo’s (played by Alberto Rosende) departure in the season premiere, the show bids adieu to another beloved character, Joe Cruz, portrayed by Joe Minoso. Cruz’s decision to take the lieutenant’s test and his growing tension with Severide have left viewers wondering about his fate. As the episode unfolds, we will reveal who is saying their final goodbye to Firehouse 51.

The Departure of Joe Cruz

In this episode, the focus shifts to Joe Cruz, a character who has been a staple at Firehouse 51 since the show’s inception in 2012. Joe Minoso’s portrayal of Cruz has earned him a special place in the hearts of fans, thanks to his humor, loyalty, and optimism.

However, Cruz’s time at Firehouse 51 appears to be coming to an end. He expresses his desire to leave the station, primarily because he feels disrespected by Severide. The tension between these two characters escalates, leading to a heartfelt and dramatic discussion that could change the course of their careers.

The Uncertain Future

The departure of cast members has become a recurring theme in Season 12 of “Chicago Fire.” Not only is Joe Cruz contemplating his exit, but Sylvie Brett is also set to leave the show. These departures are bound to evoke a mix of emotions among fans, as characters face personal challenges and make life-altering decisions.

A Promising Future for Kidd, Severide, and Cruz

The show’s future seems to hold significant decisions for other key characters as well, including Kidd and Severide. It is suggested that one of them may also bid farewell to Chicago. The uncertainty surrounding these departures adds to the intrigue of the episode, promising an emotional rollercoaster for viewers.

Who Played Blake Gallo and Joe Cruz?

Before we continue, let’s take a moment to appreciate the talented actors behind these characters. Alberto Rosende played the role of Blake Gallo, bringing energy and charisma to the character from season 8 in 2019 until his final appearance in the season 12 premiere in January 2024. Apart from “Chicago Fire,” Rosende is known for his role as Simon Lewis in the Freeform series “Shadowhunters,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.

On the other hand, Joe Minoso is the actor who has portrayed Joe Cruz since the beginning of “Chicago Fire” in 2012. Known for his humor, loyalty, and optimism, Minoso has become a fan favorite. He has also made appearances in other shows within the Chicago franchise and showcased his acting skills in films like “Man of Steel” and “Shameless.”


As we eagerly await the episode, it’s clear that “Chicago Fire” continues to deliver emotional and dramatic storytelling. The departures of Blake Gallo and Joe Cruz mark significant moments in the show’s history, and fans can expect a heartfelt farewell.

Who is Leaving Chicago Fire Tonight Episode – FAQs

  1. Who is leaving “Chicago Fire” in tonight’s episode? In tonight’s episode, another cast member bids farewell, following Blake Gallo’s departure in the season premiere.
  2. Why did Blake Gallo leave in the season premiere? Blake Gallo left to explore his family roots in Detroit and live with his aunt.
  3. Which character is contemplating leaving Firehouse 51 in this episode? Joe Cruz, portrayed by Joe Minoso, expresses his desire to take the lieutenant’s test and leave Firehouse 51 due to feeling disrespected by Severide.
  4. What tensions escalate between Cruz and Severide? Cruz and Severide’s tensions escalate, leading to a heart-to-heart discussion about their working relationship.
  5. What significant decisions are hinted at for Kidd, Severide, and Cruz in this episode? The episode suggests that significant decisions will be made by Kidd, Severide, and Cruz, potentially leading to one of them leaving Chicago.

Get ready for an emotional journey as “Chicago Fire” unfolds its latest episode, revealing the fate of these beloved characters. For more updates and news, stay tuned to BuzRush, where we provide clear and straightforward information to keep you informed. Visit – NewsPSP | NewsDekha

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