Who Is Robert Hartley? Robert Hartley’s Secret Aliases Revealed!

by Moore Martin

Who Is Robert Hartley

In the intriguing realm of David Fincher’s most recent thriller, “The Killer,” Michael Fassbender portrays an enigmatic assassin who goes by multiple identities, each of which subtly references iconic sitcom characters. One of these personas is Robert Hartley, a nickname derived from the popular comedy “The Bob Newhart Show” from the 1970s. This hilarious homage to sitcoms gained traction and was originally inspired by a concept seen in the Fincher/Walker film “Fight Club.” The question of who Robert Hartley is and what part this sitcom-inspired identity plays in the story emerges as viewers become engrossed in the film’s complexities.

The Rise of Robert Hartley

Robert Hartley is the polite psychologist that Bob Newhart plays on “The Bob Newhart Show.” Hartley, a personality well-known for his therapeutic antics and deadpan comedy, rose to fame in 1970s television. The alias pays homage to this comedic character in Netflix’s “The Killer,” bringing hilarity into the assassin’s underground realm. The film’s narrative is brilliant because it uses sitcom-style identities to transform a brutal assassin into a pop culture expert. The killer’s varied taste in television is evident in each of his aliases, which range from the endearing Sam Malone of “Cheers” to the tough Lou Grant of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

Unmasking the Assassin

These names are subtly included and end up becoming a recurring motif, giving the character more depth and providing viewers with a different level of connection. The movie keeps Michael Fassbender’s character’s true name a secret, despite his many aliases. Known as “the killer,” the main character makes his way through the story without disclosing who he is. The intentional decision to hide his identity adds to the film’s overall mystery and keeps viewers guessing about the person responsible for the killings.

The Killer’s Multifaceted Persona

“The Killer” explores the duality of its main character, juxtaposing his violent actions with his affinity for beloved TV characters. This intriguing blend of darkness and nostalgia makes for a compelling viewing experience. The assassin’s ability to seamlessly transition between his aliases and maintain a facade of normalcy adds an extra layer of complexity to the story.

The Legacy of Sitcom-Inspired Names

The legacy of sitcom-inspired names extends beyond Robert Hartley. Each alias represents a facet of the assassin’s personality, adding depth and unpredictability to his character. From the charming and witty Sam Malone to the no-nonsense Lou Grant, these aliases provide a unique lens through which viewers can interpret the killer’s actions.


In “The Killer,” Robert Hartley’s role as one of the assassin’s identities adds an unexpected and humorous dimension to the story. The blend of comedy and suspense keeps audiences engaged, making it a must-watch thriller for fans of both genres. As viewers delve deeper into the film, they will continue to unravel the mystery surrounding the enigmatic assassin and his multitude of aliases.

Now that you know more about the enigmatic Robert Hartley and his role in “The Killer,” make sure to catch the film for a thrilling cinematic experience.


1. Is “The Killer” based on a true story?

No, “The Killer” is a work of fiction created by David Fincher and his team.

2. How many aliases does the killer have in the movie?

The killer in “The Killer” assumes multiple aliases, each inspired by iconic sitcom characters, adding an intriguing layer to the story.

3. Is Robert Hartley the killer’s real name?

No, Robert Hartley is one of the aliases used by the killer in the movie.

4. What other sitcom-inspired aliases does the killer use?

Apart from Robert Hartley, the killer adopts various aliases, including Sam Malone and Lou Grant, among others.

5. Where can I watch “The Killer”?

You can watch “The Killer” on Netflix. Don’t miss out on this thrilling and unique cinematic experience!

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