Who is Taylor From Southern Charm Dating Now? Know Who is Taylor on Southern Charm?

by Moore Martin

Who is Taylor From Southern Charm Dating Now

Are you a fan of Bravo’s hit reality show, Southern Charm, and curious about the romantic life of one of its stars, Taylor Ann Green? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will dive deep into who Taylor from Southern Charm is currently dating, her journey on the show, and where you can watch all the drama unfold. Let’s get started!

Taylor’s New Love: Gaston Rojas

As of September 2023, Taylor Ann Green is in a romantic relationship with Gaston Rojas, who also happens to be a cast member of Bravo’s Southern Hospitality. Their love story began in July 2023, but it wasn’t exactly planned. Taylor referred to their initial encounter as an “accidental date.” Sometimes, the best things happen when we least expect them.

By October, Gaston had become an integral part of Taylor’s life. He had already met her family, and most of her friends were aware of their budding relationship. Notably, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Shep Rose, had not met Gaston at that point, but Taylor expressed confidence that Shep would be supportive of her new relationship.

What’s remarkable about Taylor and Gaston’s connection is the sense of confidence and security it brings to Taylor’s life. Despite their different interests and activities, when they come together, it feels natural and effortless. It’s a testament to the power of finding the right person at the right time.

Who is Taylor Ann Green?

Taylor Ann Green is a well-known TV personality and the star of Bravo’s Southern Charm. The show offers a glimpse into the lives of affluent friends living in Charleston, South Carolina. Taylor’s journey into the world of fame took an interesting turn as she transitioned from being an orthodontics assistant to securing a position with the alcohol brand Day Chaser.

Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, hospitality, and tourism management from Appalachian State University. Her education and background have undoubtedly contributed to her success in the world of sales and her role on Southern Charm.

Taylor’s Journey on Southern Charm

Taylor made her debut in Southern Charm Season 7, quickly gaining attention for her whirlwind romance with Shep Rose, who was 43 at the time. Their relationship was so intense that it led them to leave the United States and embark on an adventurous European journey. However, their love story took a dramatic turn, resulting in a breakup due to Shep’s infidelity.

Season 9 of the show explores Taylor’s life post-breakup, including rumors of a potential connection with cast member Austen Kroll. The show delves into the complexities of Taylor’s personal journey, offering viewers an intimate look at her experiences and relationships.

About Southern Charm

For those unfamiliar with Southern Charm, it’s an American reality TV series that first premiered on Bravo on March 3, 2014. Set in the charming backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina, the show delves into the lives of various socialites, offering a peek into both their personal and professional worlds.

Throughout its run, Southern Charm has showcased the unique blend of tradition, lifestyle, and history that characterizes the dynamic Southern setting. Viewers are treated to glimpses of local historical landmarks like Lewisfield Plantation and Mikell House, adding depth to the show’s narrative.

Where to Watch Southern Charm

If you’re eager to catch up on Southern Charm or join in on Taylor’s journey, you’re in luck! The show is currently available for streaming on platforms like Peacock and fuboTV. This means you can enjoy the series at your own pace and convenience, without being tied to a strict TV schedule.

Originally airing on Bravo, Southern Charm has adapted to the changing landscape of television by extending its accessibility to popular streaming services. This flexibility caters to the preferences of modern audiences who increasingly prefer on-demand viewing options.

Who is Taylor From Southern Charm Dating Now: FAQs

1. Who is Taylor from Southern Charm dating now?

As of October 2023, Taylor Ann Green is dating Gaston Rojas, a cast member of Bravo’s Southern Hospitality.

2. What is Taylor Ann Green’s background?

Taylor, a TV personality on Southern Charm, transitioned from an orthodontics assistant to a sales role with the alcohol brand Day Chaser. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University.

3. When did Taylor break up with Shep Rose, and why?

After dating Shep Rose in Season 7 and embarking on a European adventure, they eventually broke up due to Shep’s infidelity.

4. What is Southern Charm about, and when did it premiere?

Southern Charm, a reality series showcasing the lives of Charleston’s affluent socialites, premiered on Bravo on March 3, 2014.

5. Where can I watch Southern Charm?

You can stream Southern Charm on platforms like Peacock and fuboTV, providing flexible and on-demand viewing options.

In conclusion, Taylor Ann Green’s romantic journey on Southern Charm has been filled with twists and turns, and her current relationship with Gaston Rojas is just the latest chapter. If you’re a fan of the show or simply intrigued by her story, you now have all the information you need to stay updated. So, grab your popcorn and start streaming!

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