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by Moore Martin

Who is the Dorrance Dance Group

Tap dancing is an art form that has been captivating audiences for decades, and at the forefront of this mesmerizing craft is the Dorrance Dance Group. Founded in 2011 by the illustrious Michelle Dorrance, this New York City-based ensemble has taken the tap dancing world by storm. In this article, we will delve into the captivating story of the Dorrance Dance Group and discover what Michelle Dorrance is currently up to.

The Genesis of Dorrance Dance Group

Dorrance Dance Group: A Tap Dancing Marvel

At the heart of the Dorrance Dance Group is Michelle Dorrance herself. A prominent American tap dancer, performer, and choreographer, Michelle’s talent and dedication have garnered her numerous accolades, including the prestigious MacArthur “Genius Grant.” This grant recognizes her exceptional contributions to the world of tap dancing, a true testament to her unparalleled skills and innovation.

Innovative Choreography and Rhythmic Tap Style

The Dorrance Dance Group is celebrated for its creative ensemble choreography and rhythmic tap style. Michelle Dorrance, along with fellow choreographer Josette Wiggan, leads the group in crafting performances that push the boundaries of traditional tap dancing. Their ability to blend tradition with contemporary creativity has earned them a devoted following of dance enthusiasts.

A White House Christmas Performance

One of the highlights of Dorrance Dance’s journey was their recent Christmas performance at the White House. In this enchanting performance, they presented a playful interpretation of “The Nutcracker Suite.” The troupe’s ability to infuse joy and artistry into their tap routines was on full display, enchanting audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Controversy and Criticism

Despite their undeniable talent and innovation, the Dorrance Dance Group has not been without controversy. Some critics have accused them of being a radical, anti-white group due to their involvement in social and political causes. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that the group’s commitment to pushing boundaries and advocating for change is a testament to their dedication to their art form.

Michelle Dorrance’s Ongoing Journey

As for Michelle Dorrance herself, she remains actively engaged in the world of tap dancing and choreography. Currently, she holds the position of a 2017 Choreographic Fellow at New York City Center and serves as an Artist in Residence at the American Tap Dance Foundation. These roles underscore her unwavering commitment to advancing tap dancing and preserving its cultural significance.

Collaboration and Creative Exploration

Michelle Dorrance’s dedication extends beyond her professional roles. She actively collaborates with fellow tap dance choreographers and musicians, constantly pushing creative boundaries in the world of dance. Her passion for the art form is undeniable, and she continues to reside in Brooklyn, New York, where she nurtures her creativity.

FAQs – Who Is the Dorrance Dance Group?

  1. Who is Michelle Dorrance?
    Michelle Dorrance is a renowned American tap dancer, performer, and choreographer who founded Dorrance Dance in 2011.
  2. What awards has Michelle Dorrance received?
    Michelle Dorrance has been honored with a MacArthur “Genius Grant” for her outstanding contributions to the art of tap dancing.
  3. Who leads Dorrance Dance alongside Michelle Dorrance?
    Josette Wiggan, along with Michelle Dorrance, serves as a fellow choreographer and contributes to leading Dorrance Dance.
  4. What is Dorrance Dance known for?
    Dorrance Dance is recognized for its creative ensemble choreography, rhythmic tap style, and innovative performances.
  5. When was Dorrance Dance founded?
    Dorrance Dance was founded in 2011 by Michelle Dorrance.

In conclusion, the Dorrance Dance Group, under the artistic direction of Michelle Dorrance, continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of tap dancing. Their innovative choreography, rhythmic tap style, and dedication to pushing boundaries ensure that they remain a prominent force in the tap dance community. Michelle Dorrance’s ongoing commitment to tap dancing and her creative collaborations showcase her unwavering passion for this captivating art form.

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