Who is the Xtramath Guy? Did The Xtramath Guy Die?

by Moore Martin

Who is the Xtramath Guy


In recent years, the Xtramath Guy, affectionately known as Mr. C, has made quite the splash on the internet, taking center stage in memes, online discussions, and curious Google searches. The mysterious allure surrounding this character prompts us to delve deeper into the identity of the Xtramath Guy, Christopher Roberts, and uncover what really happened to him.

Who is the Xtramath Guy?

The Xtramath Guy, whose true identity is Christopher Roberts, isn’t a mythical figure or a fictional character but a real-life teacher based in Seattle, Washington. His claim to fame comes from his appearances in videos for the online supplemental math program, Xtramath. In these videos, you’ll find Mr. C wearing his signature red polo shirt, guiding students through various math exercises with his unique teaching style and expressions.



Name Christopher Roberts
Known as Xtramath Guy / Mr. C
Occupation Teacher
Location Seattle, Washington
Claim to Fame Featured in Xtramath instructional videos
Popularity Became a subject of internet memes
Notable Features Red polo shirt in Xtramath videos
Online Presence Memes, and internet discussions

What Happened to the Xtramath Guy?

Despite the internet’s speculative nature, there is no credible information suggesting that the Xtramath Guy, Christopher Roberts, has passed away. He is very much alive and dedicated to his role as an educator. The online discourse and memes that swirl around the Xtramath Guy are purely for entertainment purposes and do not reflect any real-life events.

Xtramath: The Program Behind the Phenomenon

Xtramath itself was created in 2007 by David Jeschke. Its primary mission is to enhance math proficiency among students. The program offers a platform for students to practice math facts and sharpen their math skills. Mr. C’s involvement with Xtramath has made him a focal point of internet culture, contributing to the creation of countless memes and online content revolving around his character.

Why Do People Make Xtramath Guy Memes?

People craft Xtramath Guy memes for pure amusement and entertainment. These memes playfully exaggerate Mr. C’s character from the instructional videos featured on Xtramath. They might depict him as stern, villainous, or employ humorous takes on his distinctive teaching style and expressions. It’s a classic case of internet culture taking a familiar figure and creating playful, light-hearted content around them. The Xtramath Guy memes, in particular, offer a comical twist on educational videos and online learning.

Beyond the Memes: The Real Christopher Roberts

While the internet may portray Mr. C in a humorous light, it’s vital to acknowledge that his career extends far beyond his role in the Xtramath program. Christopher Roberts, aka the Xtramath Guy, is a nationally certified teacher hailing from Seattle, Washington. His commitment to education is unwavering, and his contributions go beyond the virtual realm of internet memes.

As a dedicated teacher, Mr. C aims to help students excel in mathematics. His involvement in various educational initiatives reflects his dedication to improving math fact fluency among students. Despite the humorous spotlight cast on him online, his real-life contributions to education likely extend to the lives of numerous students who have benefited from his teaching.


The Xtramath Guy, Christopher Roberts, is more than just an internet meme; he’s a real teacher with a genuine passion for educating students. The memes and humorous takes on his character in the online world don’t define his entire career or personality. It’s important to separate internet culture from the reality of who he is and what he does as an educator.

What Happened to the Xtramath Guy? – FAQs

1. What is the Xtramath Guy’s real name?

The Xtramath Guy’s real name is Christopher Roberts.

2. Is there any news of the Xtramath Guy passing away?

There were no reports of the Xtramath Guy, Christopher Roberts, passing away.

3. Why is the Xtramath Guy popular on the internet?

The Xtramath Guy gained popularity on the internet due to memes and jokes that playfully exaggerate his character from instructional videos on the Xtramath program.

4. What is Xtramath, and what is its purpose?

Xtramath is an online math program designed to help students develop fluency in basic math facts. Its purpose is to provide effective and engaging supplemental math activities for learners of all levels.

5. Who founded Xtramath, and when did it start?

Xtramath was founded by David Jeschke, a former Microsoft programmer and startup developer. It began in 2007 and has grown to be widely used in schools, with a focus on improving math skills for students in grades K-8.

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