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by Moore Martin

Yexel Sebastian Wife

In this article, we delve into the world of Yexel Sebastian, a globally renowned YouTuber, to uncover details about his cashless venture known as the X-Deal. We’ll also introduce you to his wife, Mikee Agustin, and shed light on the controversy surrounding this venture. So, let’s explore who Yexel Sebastian is, the X-Deal, and the intriguing aspects of his personal life.

Yexel Sebastian – The Toy Enthusiast

Yexel Sebastian is not your average YouTuber. He’s a collector with a staggering 900 life-size statues and an astounding 50,000 toys in his possession. He invested a substantial sum of 8 million pesos in establishing a toy museum in Alabang. Born on March 12, 1982, Yexel is currently 41 years old and holds the distinction of owning Asia’s largest Optimus Prime bust.

The Yexel Scam – Unveiling the X-Deal

Yexel Sebastian stirred up controversy with a Facebook post introducing the “Yexel Scam,” also known as the X-Deal or EX-Deal. In this post, Yexel expressed his interest in striking a deal with a company willing to exchange building services for his advertising services. The specifics of the services he required from construction companies remain undisclosed.

Yexel’s Enigmatic X-Deal

To provide clarity on the X-Deal, Yexel shared a video where he stood in front of an unfinished single-story house. The video featured Agustin and their child looking out of the window. This left people speculating that Yexel intended to have the construction work completed without a financial exchange. However, the plot thickened when, on February 21st, 2019, Mikee Agustin announced their breakup on social media.

Controversy Surrounding the X-Deal

Yexel Sebastian’s X-Deal quickly ignited a firestorm of criticism in 2019. People took to his post to express their grievances, highlighting that he possessed the means to buy toys but appeared unwilling to pay construction workers for their services. The criticism stemmed from the realization that, despite the arrangement, the construction company would still need to cover expenses such as materials, labor costs, transportation, and equipment.

The Accusation of a Scam

The core issue at the heart of the controversy was the perception that Yexel’s strategy amounted to a scam. Even though the construction company could potentially profit from Yexel’s X-Deal campaign, they were still burdened with substantial costs. Consequently, Yexel found himself facing allegations of deceit and unethical practices.

Mikee Agustin’s Response

In the wake of the X-Deal backlash, Mikee Agustin took to social media to apologize for any inconvenience her association with Yexel Sebastian may have caused. She also expressed the belief that fate might have other plans for them. Additionally, Yexel’s ex-girlfriend, Iwa Moto, revealed that he had approached her to invest in FrancSwiss during the controversy. Iwa acknowledged Yexel’s awareness of the risks associated with such investments, but he still saw the opportunity for quick gains.

In conclusion, Yexel Sebastian’s X-Deal venture stirred significant controversy, leading to accusations of a scam and raising questions about the fairness of the arrangement for construction workers. It’s a story that highlights the complexities of balancing personal interests with ethical considerations in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the X-Deal offered by Yexel Sebastian?

– The X-Deal, introduced by Yexel Sebastian, was a venture where he sought to exchange his advertising services for building services from construction companies. However, the specifics of the services he required remain undisclosed.

2. Who is Mikee Agustin, and what role did she play in this controversy?

– Mikee Agustin is Yexel Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend and, during the X-Deal controversy, his partner. She announced their breakup on social media, adding a layer of complexity to the situation.

3. What criticism did Yexel Sebastian face regarding the X-Deal?

– Yexel Sebastian faced criticism for allegedly having the means to buy toys but not paying construction workers for their services. The controversy centered on the financial burden placed on the construction company.

4. Why did Mikee Agustin apologize on social media, and what did she mean by “other plans”?

– Mikee Agustin apologized for any trouble her association with Yexel Sebastian may have caused. Her mention of “other plans” likely refers to the uncertainty surrounding their future together.

5. What is the significance of Yexel Sebastian’s toy collection and his toy museum?

– Yexel Sebastian is known for his vast collection of 900 life-size statues and 50,000 toys. He invested heavily in a toy museum in Alabang, which is home to Asia’s largest Optimus Prime bust.

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