Who Killed Sierah Joughin? What Happened To Sierah Joughin? How Did Sierah Joughin Die?

by Moore Martin

Who Killed Sierah Joughin

In this heart-wrenching article, we delve into the haunting story of Sierah Joughin, a young woman from Ohio whose life was tragically cut short. We will explore the details of her abduction, the identity of her killer, the circumstances of her death, and the impact on her community. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind the question, “What happened to Sierah Joughin?”

The Vanishing

Sierah Joughin, a 20-year-old student from Ohio, was a bright young woman with a promising future. In 2016, she went missing while riding her bicycle home from her boyfriend’s house. Her loved ones and the authorities were immediately thrown into a state of worry and panic.

The Discovery

Three days after her disappearance, a grim discovery was made. Sierah’s lifeless body was found in a cornfield, sending shockwaves through the community. The circumstances of her death were nothing short of horrifying.

The Culprit

The man responsible for this heinous crime was none other than James D. Worley. He abducted Sierah, and her body was later discovered after she had been murdered. The details surrounding her death are spine-chilling.

The Horrifying Truth

Sierah Joughin died in the most horrifying way imaginable. Her body was found in a shallow grave, her wrists handcuffed behind her back and tied to her ankles with rope. Her ankles were also taped together. An autopsy revealed that she died from asphyxiation, caused by a plastic gag forcibly inserted into her mouth. This discovery left her family and loved ones devastated.

Sierah’s Law

The shock and grief following Sierah’s tragic death prompted the creation of a significant piece of legislation in Ohio known as “Sierah’s Law.” This law established a violent offender database to track felons with a history of violent crimes, with the hope of preventing similar tragedies in the future. Worley had a history of similar offenses, but his previous convictions failed to prevent this terrible crime from happening.

Who Is James D. Worley?

James D. Worley is a name that will forever be associated with a gruesome crime. His abduction and murder of Sierah Joughin in 2016 led to his conviction and a death sentence, scheduled for 2025. Prior to this crime, Worley had served time in prison for the abduction of Robin Gardner in 1990. He was also suspected of being involved in the disappearance of Claudia “Sissy” Tinsley in 1996, though he has denied any involvement in her case. While there have been suspicions and investigations into whether he might have had other victims, concrete evidence linking him to additional crimes has not been established. Worley’s actions have left a lasting impact on the lives of his victims and their families.

Name Sierah Joughin
Date of Birth February 11, 1996
Date of Death July 22, 2016
Age at Death 20
Occupation Student
Education University of Toledo
Hometown Sylvania, Ohio, US

Sierah’s Boyfriend, Josh

Josh Kolasinski, Sierah’s boyfriend, was the last person to see her alive before her tragic abduction and murder. He described Sierah as someone with a special talent for brightening people’s spirits. On the evening of July 19, 2016, they went for a bike ride in their hometown of Fulton County, Ohio. However, their paths diverged as they headed to their respective homes. When Josh couldn’t reach Sierah later in the day, he grew concerned. His worry set in motion the events that eventually led to the arrest and conviction of Sierah’s abductor and killer, James Worley.


The story of Sierah Joughin is a heart-wrenching tale of a promising young life cut short by a senseless act of violence. Her memory lives on in the legislation known as “Sierah’s Law,” and her loved ones continue to grieve her loss.

What Happened To Sierah Joughin – FAQs

1. What is Sierah’s Law?

Sierah’s Law is a legislation passed in Ohio as Senate Bill 231 in 2018. It established a violent offender database to help law enforcement and residents identify violent felons living in the state, with the aim of preventing future crimes.

2. When did Sierah Joughin go missing?

Sierah Joughin disappeared on July 19, 2016, after going for a bike ride in Fulton County, Ohio.

3. Who was convicted of Sierah Joughin’s murder?

James D. Worley was found guilty of abducting and murdering Sierah Joughin. He is currently on death row, with an execution date scheduled for 2025.

4. What was the cause of Sierah Joughin’s death?

Sierah Joughin’s cause of death was asphyxiation. This resulted from a plastic gag forcibly inserted into her mouth, as discovered during the autopsy.

5. What is James D. Worley’s criminal history?

James D. Worley had a prior criminal conviction for the abduction of Robin Gardner in 1990. He was also suspected in the disappearance of Claudia “Sissy” Tinsley in 1996, though he has denied involvement in her case.

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