Who was Henry Sandon Married To? Who was Henry Sandon’s Wife?

by Moore Martin

Who was Henry Sandon Married To

In the world of antiques and ceramics, few names stand out as prominently as Henry Sandon. His contributions to the field have left a lasting legacy, but who was Henry Sandon married to? This article delves into the personal and professional life of Henry Sandon, shedding light on his remarkable journey alongside his wife, Barbara Sandon.


Henry Sandon was more than just an antiques specialist; he was a television personality, author, and lecturer, celebrated for his expertise in ceramics, particularly Royal Worcester porcelain. This article takes you on a journey through his life, focusing on the pivotal role his wife, Barbara Sandon, played in his life and career.

The Marriage of Henry and Barbara Sandon

Henry Sandon’s love story began in 1953 when he met Barbara, a woman who shared his passion for ceramics. They exchanged vows in 1956, marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership filled with love and shared interests.

Barbara Sandon’s Contributions

While Henry Sandon was a well-known figure, Barbara preferred a more private life. Nevertheless, she made her mark on the world of ceramics by creating a collection of around 100 pieces, showcasing her dedication to the craft.

Barbara Sandon’s Passing

Tragically, Barbara Sandon’s life took an unfortunate turn in 2013 when she suffered a leg injury in a fall at their Worcester home. She endured prolonged pain before her eventual passing. Despite this personal challenge, Henry Sandon continued to make significant contributions to the world of ceramics.

Henry Sandon’s Remarkable Career

Henry Sandon’s career was nothing short of remarkable. From serving as the curator of the Dyson Perrins Museum to becoming a well-respected figure in the world of antiques, his contributions extended to television appearances, where he shared his knowledge and passion for ceramics with the public.

Henry Sandon’s Age

At the time of his passing on December 25, 2023, Henry Sandon was 95 years old. Born on August 4, 1928, in London’s East End, his life journey began with the challenges of World War II.

Henry Sandon’s Early Life

Henry’s early years were defined by his love for music and education. He became a singer and music teacher and showcased his talents as a lay clerk in the Worcester Cathedral Choir. These experiences laid the foundation for his later career in ceramics.

Henry Sandon’s Career Journey

Henry Sandon’s career took a turn towards ceramics when he discovered Roman pots in his Worcester garden. He passionately gathered ceramic art from Worcester buildings facing demolition in the 1950s, setting the stage for his role as the curator at the Dyson Perrins Museum.

The Sandon Family

Henry and Barbara Sandon were blessed with three children: David, John, and Peter. The Sandon family faced challenges, including Barbara’s leg injury in 2013 and Henry’s health issues, but their enduring connection and shared pursuits remained a constant in their lives.


In conclusion, Henry Sandon’s life was intertwined with his passion for ceramics and the loving partnership he shared with Barbara Sandon. His legacy continues to inspire those in the world of antiques and ceramics, leaving an indelible mark on the field.


1. Who was Henry Sandon’s wife?

Henry Sandon was married to Barbara Sandon, a partner in life and ceramics, with whom he had three children: David, John, and Peter.

2. What was Henry Sandon’s age at the time of his passing?

Henry George Sandon passed away at the age of 95 on December 25, 2023.

3. What was Henry Sandon’s career focus?

Henry Sandon was an esteemed English antiques specialist, television personality, author, and lecturer, renowned for his expertise in ceramics, particularly Royal Worcester porcelain.

4. How many children did Henry and Barbara Sandon have?

Henry and Barbara Sandon had three children: David, John, and Peter.

5. What challenges did the Sandon family face?

Tragically, Barbara suffered a leg injury in 2013, enduring prolonged pain until her passing, and six years later, Henry collapsed at home, requiring police assistance for his rescue.

Now that you have gained insights into the life and marriage of Henry Sandon, you can appreciate the profound impact he had on the world of ceramics and antiques.

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