Who Was Natalie Buss? Mum Choked And Died Tragic Marshmallow Choking Incident!

by Moore Martin

Who Was Natalie Buss

In this article, we delve into the life and untimely demise of Natalie Buss, a mother of 37, who tragically lost her life during a marshmallow eating competition. The incident has captured the attention of the public, with many seeking answers about Natalie Buss and the circumstances surrounding her death.

The Joyful Life of Natalie Buss

Natalie Buss was not just an ordinary mother; she was known for her cheerful spirit and love for challenges. Her tragic story began when she won a bingo game that granted her the opportunity to participate in a party game challenge. Little did she know that this game would turn into a nightmare.

The Fateful Marshmallow Challenge

Amidst cheers and laughter from the audience, Natalie embarked on the marshmallow eating challenge. Her goal was simple – to stuff as many pink and white marshmallows into her mouth as possible. Witnesses recall her enthusiasm as she eagerly took on the challenge. The atmosphere was filled with excitement until a sudden, terrifying moment occurred.

The Tragic Turn of Events

As Natalie continued to consume marshmallows, the jubilant cheers from the audience filled the air. However, the festive mood took a dark turn when Natalie suddenly fainted, gasping for air. Panic swept through the crowd as her friends and onlookers rushed to her aid. Medical professionals and nurses from the audience stepped forward, while another person raced to a nearby school to retrieve a defibrillator.

Despite the best efforts of those who tried to save her, Natalie Buss could not be revived. Her untimely death sent shockwaves through the audience, leaving many in tears. The tragic incident unfolded at the Beddau Rugby Football Club and is currently under investigation by the authorities.

The Viral Marshmallow Choking Video

Adding to the mystery and intrigue surrounding Natalie’s tragic death is a video that has recently gained significant public attention. In this video, the anonymous mother can be seen consuming marshmallows one by one, with the DJ and the audience keeping count. The video shows the marshmallows being pushed further into her mouth as she laughs along with the spectators.

The shocking twist in the video is that it captures the exact moment when Natalie collapsed and fell to the ground while the crowd continued to celebrate. First-aid personnel arrived promptly, and someone suggested retrieving the defibrillator from a nearby school. Sadly, their efforts proved futile as the marshmallows had obstructed Natalie’s airways.

Community Mourning and Closure

In the wake of this tragic incident, the Beddau Rugby Football Club made the decision to close its doors as a mark of respect for Natalie Buss, who had recently become a part of their community. The bingo game, which had been organized by a nearby entertainment business and was initially promoted on the club’s website, has since been removed.

A spokesperson for the South Wales Police stated, “A 37-year-old woman collapsed and died at Beddau RFC,” confirming the tragic event.


Natalie Buss’s story is a heart-wrenching reminder of the unexpected turns life can take. Her cheerful spirit and zest for life endeared her to many, and her tragic end has left a void in the hearts of those who knew her. The circumstances surrounding her death serve as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of safety in even the most seemingly harmless of activities.


1. What caused Natalie Buss’s death during the marshmallow eating competition?

Natalie Buss tragically choked to death during a marshmallow eating competition as marshmallows obstructed her airways.

2. Was there any immediate medical assistance available at the event?

Yes, medical professionals and nurses from the audience attempted to save Natalie Buss’s life. They also attempted to retrieve a defibrillator from a nearby school.

3. Why has the Beddau Rugby Football Club closed its doors following the incident?

The club closed its doors as a sign of respect for Natalie Buss, who had recently become a part of the community and tragically lost her life at the club.

4. What was the viral marshmallow choking video about?

The video captures the marshmallow eating competition in which Natalie Buss participated. It shows the moment when she collapsed, which has garnered significant public attention.

5. What is the current status of the investigation into Natalie Buss’s death?

The authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Natalie Buss’s tragic death at the Beddau Rugby Football Club.

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