Why Did Sam Smith and Christian Cowan Break Up? The Mysterious Breakup!

by Moore Martin

Why Did Sam Smith and Christian Cowan Break Up

Sam Smith and fashion designer Christian Cowan’s breakup has raised questions about the reasons behind their split, as the Grammy-winning artist navigates this change. Learn more about why Sam and Christian ended their relationship.


Sam Smith and Christian Cowan’s recent breakup has left fans curious and speculating about the reasons behind their separation. The Grammy-winning artist and the renowned fashion designer had been in a relationship since January 2023, but it appears that their journey together has come to an end.

A Promising Beginning

The couple had been dating since January 2023, supporting each other’s careers and making public appearances together. They seemed like a perfect match, with their shared interests in music and fashion. Their relationship garnered attention and admiration from fans worldwide.

The Mysterious Breakup

While the exact reasons for the breakup are undisclosed, a source close to Sam mentioned that their split happened before Christmas. Despite rumors of Sam’s activity on the dating app Raya, the source emphasized that Sam and Christian are still in a relationship, dispelling any concerns over a potential breakup. However, this hasn’t stopped the speculation and interest from fans.

Sam Smith’s Journey

Sam Smith has always been open about their personal journey and identity. As a non-binary individual, they have contributed significantly to increasing visibility and understanding of gender diversity. Their willingness to embrace and express their authentic self has made them a prominent figure in the music industry and beyond. The breakup with Christian Cowan marks a new chapter in Sam’s life and career.

Sam Smith and Christian Cowan Relationship

Sam Smith and Christian Cowan’s romantic involvement became apparent in recent years. The British singer-songwriter and the New York City-based fashion designer were frequently seen together at various events, and they often shared moments on social media.

In January 2023, rumors began circulating when Sam Smith visited New York City, and they were spotted getting cozy with Christian Cowan. This sparked speculation about their relationship. As the year progressed, in July 2023, fans noticed the couple wearing matching outfits, further fueling rumors of their romance.

Sam Smith also addressed their relationship on social media, denying rumors of a split and expressing their commitment to their gender identity journey. It’s worth noting that their previous relationship with actor Brandon Flynn had ended before they became involved with Christian Cowan.


While the exact reasons behind Sam Smith and Christian Cowan’s breakup remain a mystery, it’s clear that this marks a significant moment in both of their lives. Sam’s journey as a non-binary individual and their impact on the music industry continue to be of great importance. Fans will undoubtedly keep a close eye on their future endeavors.

Why Did Sam Smith And Christian Cowan Break Up – FAQs

1. Why did Sam Smith and Christian Cowan break up?

The exact reasons for their breakup are not publicly disclosed, but reports suggest the couple decided to end their relationship before Christmas.

2. How long were Sam Smith and Christian Cowan together?

They started dating in January 2023, and their relationship lasted for approximately a year before the split.

3. Are Sam Smith and Christian Cowan still friends after the breakup?

Yes, according to reports, they remain friends and continue to support each other in their respective careers.

4. Did Sam Smith go back to dating apps after the breakup?

It’s reported that Sam Smith reactivated their profile on the celebrity dating app Raya after the split.

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