Why You Should Use Social Media Videos to Fuel Growth!

by Moore Martin

There is no doubt: social media video marketing has the potential to play a vital part in promoting and growing your business. The use of video as a promotional tool is among the most effective methods available today, so it’s something every business should consider.

Social media and video are a perfect match. And the great news for marketers is that video content works across all platforms, and devices and, most importantly, appeals to all market segments.

A video can give your business an edge over the competition, whether launching a new business or promoting an existing one. By using video properly, you can expand your social reach and grow your audience.

Why Social Media Video Content is the Best

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why social media video marketing is the most effective.

Video Gets More Attention

Recently, you’ve likely seen video content within the first 10 seconds of logging into any social media platform. Videos typically perform best with most algorithms since they capture viewers’ attention for extended periods. As a result, most video-related features on social media platforms are also given an extra boost to encourage adoption.

Video Has More Mileage

In addition to being more engaging than other types of content, video content lasts longer. For example, after TikTok videos are published, they can surface in users’ For You Pages for weeks, even months later. Due to its high interaction and share rates, video content tends to stay in the ecosystem longer.

Your Audience Will Appreciate The Personal Touch

Increasingly, consumers are interested in knowing more about the brands and creators they follow, and video is a powerful medium for doing so. Videos can humanize your business and help you connect with your community on a deeper, more emotional level.

Additionally, it offers a way to showcase your product offerings in a more personable manner, making them much more relatable (and persuasive) than static images.

It’s Easy To Use Video As A Sales Tool

If a picture is worth a thousand, videos are worth at least a million. As a result, video is one of the most powerful sales tools. For example, viewing a brand’s video on Pinterest increases the likelihood that a person will make a purchase 2.6x. According to 93% of marketers, social media videos led to new customers.

How to Optimize Social Media Videos for Growth

It’s apparent that video is a powerful marketing tool. But what’s the best way to use it? Let’s take a closer look.

Be Genuine

When engaging with the latest trends and styles, it’s important to make sure they fit within your brand. While it’s essential to understand social culture movements and preferences, the most engaging content is always faithful to your brand and ultimately unique and genuine — especially since today’s discerning customers can pick up insincerity a mile away.

Make A Strong Start

Viewers often pay attention to a video’s first few seconds. After that, the window of opportunity to capture visitors’ engagement is limited.

Consider putting more effort into the opening sequence, jingle, and visuals if a regular video is part of your strategy. The first step should be to pose a compelling question, use a clear visual, or provide the viewer with an opportunity to take action.

Get Personal

People prefer dealing with real people rather than faceless brands when creating unique and quality video content. Build a connection between you and your audience by sharing videos demonstrating your brand personality and emphasizing your brand values.

Live streaming is another way to make social media video content more personal. In social media video content, live streaming is one of the most unique and intimate methods because it allows you to show the world who you are in real-time, without editing or post-production.

Additionally, you can respond live to questions from your audience in the comments section, which helps to build a connection with them.

Alternative Entertainment Options Using Social Media Videos

YouTube is popular with people because they want to be entertained. Instead of expecting your customer base to sit down and read your content, treat videos as another way for them to consume it.

Social media video content is a highly engaging and attractive marketing tool. And when used effectively, it can elevate your brand to the next level.

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