Will Brock Wright Play in Week 17? Who is Brock Wright?

by Moore Martin

Will Brock Wright Play in Week 17

As the Detroit Lions gear up for Week 17, uncertainty looms over the potential participation of their tight end, Brock Wright, in the upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys. Wright, a promising American football talent, has been grappling with a persistent hip injury that has sidelined him from recent practices. This injury, acquired in Week 15 against the Broncos, raises questions about whether he will be able to take the field in this crucial matchup.

The Enigma of Brock Wright’s Availability

Brock Wright’s availability for Week 17 remains uncertain due to a persisting hip injury, pending his ability to practice on Wednesday or Thursday.

A Closer Look at the Situation

The anticipation among fans is palpable as Week 17 inches closer, with everyone eager to learn if Brock Wright will be fit to play. The injury in question, a troublesome hip issue, has lingered, making it essential for Wright to showcase his readiness during mid-week practice sessions.

Who is Brock Wright?

Brock Wright, born on November 27, 1998, is an American football tight end currently playing for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League (NFL). His journey to the NFL began at the collegiate level, where he represented Notre Dame, leaving a mark as a talented tight end. In the current NFL season, Wright has contributed significantly to the Lions’ offensive strategies.

Statistical Highlights

Wright’s stats for the current season paint a picture of his importance in the Lions’ passing game. He has accumulated 91 yards on 13 receptions, with an average catch rate of 7.0 yards per reception and one touchdown. Notably, he has been targeted 14 times, underscoring his role as a key target for the team’s quarterbacks. Fans looking to show their support for this promising player can do so by obtaining officially licensed NFL gear, including jerseys, shirts, and more, available at Fanatics.

The Lingering Injury

Brock Wright’s injury saga began in Week 15, during a game against the Broncos. Despite concerted efforts to recover, he has been unable to participate in recent practices, including Thursday’s session. The persisting hip issue has cast a shadow of doubt over his availability for the impending Week 17 clash against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Crucial Practice Sessions

To bolster his chances of making a comeback in this vital matchup, Wright will likely need to log some valuable on-field practice time during the mid-week sessions on Wednesday or Thursday. All eyes are on his injury status as both the team and fans anxiously await updates. In the event that Wright is unable to take the field, James Mitchell is expected to step in as the primary backup tight end.

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Will Brock Wright Play in Week 17 – FAQs

1. Why is Brock Wright uncertain for Week 17?

  • Brock Wright is dealing with a hip injury that he sustained in Week 15, and his participation depends on whether he can practice on Wednesday or Thursday.

2. How has Brock Wright’s injury impacted recent practices?

  • Wright has been listed as a non-participant in recent practices, including Thursday’s session, due to his persistent hip issue.

3. What position does Brock Wright play in football?

  • Brock Wright is a tight end for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League (NFL).

4. Who is expected to be the backup if Brock Wright cannot play in Week 17?

  • If Brock Wright is unable to play, James Mitchell is expected to step in as the primary backup.

5. How many times has Brock Wright been targeted in the current season?

  • Brock Wright has been targeted 14 times in the current NFL season.

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