Will Rogers Injury Update: What’s Really Happened to Will Rogers?

by Moore Martin


In the woWill Rogers Injury Updaterld of college football, injuries can dramatically impact a team’s season, and one recent injury that had Mississippi State fans holding their breath was the setback suffered by their star quarterback, Will Rogers. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed account of Will Rogers’ injury, the road to recovery, and what it means for Mississippi State’s football program.

The Injury

Will Rogers, Mississippi State’s starting quarterback, found himself sidelined due to a dislocated joint between the sternum and collarbone. This injury raised significant concerns about when he could make his return to the field. With Rogers out of action for several consecutive games and the team undergoing changes, including the firing of head coach Zach Arnett, the Bulldog’s faithful eagerly awaited news of his progress.

Positive Signs

The anxiety among fans and the team itself began to dissipate when a scan of Rogers’ injury showed promising results. Dr. Buddy Savoie, a renowned shoulder specialist, examined the scans and gave the green light for Rogers to resume playing. This news was a breath of fresh air for everyone associated with Mississippi State football.

Rogers’ Determination

While the injury update brought relief, it also highlighted the challenges that Rogers faced during his recovery. Returning to the field after missing significant playing time, he admitted to some initial rust but expressed a strong determination to improve and contribute to the team’s success.

The Return

With his return to the field, Will Rogers is set to lead the Bulldogs in crucial matchups, none more anticipated than the Egg Bowl against arch-rivals Ole Miss. This game carries immense significance for Mississippi State fans, and Rogers’ presence on the field adds another layer of excitement to this already intense rivalry.

Who is Will Rogers?

Before delving deeper into his injury and recovery, let’s take a closer look at the man behind the Mississippi State jersey. Will Rogers is not just a quarterback; he’s a central figure in the Bulldogs’ offense. Hailing from Branson, Mississippi, Rogers has etched his name in the annals of Mississippi State football history.

With an impressive 11,964 career passing yards and a record-setting 92 passing touchdowns, Rogers is a statistical powerhouse. He’s drawn comparisons to past greats like Dak Prescott, showcasing his consistency and skill on the field.

However, Rogers’ impact extends beyond statistics. He’s known for his leadership qualities, his positive attitude, his tireless work ethic, and his infectious enthusiasm. Even in the face of criticism, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess on the field, earning the distinction of being the only quarterback in SEC history with over 1,000 completions.

Rogers’ significance goes beyond the numbers; he embodies the spirit of Mississippi football. Growing up in the state and coming from a family with deep ties to the sport, he has a chance to make history in the Egg Bowl and potentially lead the Bulldogs to a memorable bowl game appearance. Rogers aims to leave an indelible mark on the program before his potential departure.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Will Rogers’ injury and his return:

1. Why did Will Rogers miss games for Mississippi State?

Will Rogers missed games due to a shoulder injury, specifically a dislocated joint between the sternum and collarbone.

2. What prompted concerns about Will Rogers’ return to play?

The concerns arose because Rogers missed several consecutive games, and the team underwent changes, including the firing of head coach Zach Arnett.

3. Who supervised the scan for Will Rogers’ injury?

Dr. Buddy Savoie, a renowned shoulder specialist, supervised the scan to monitor Rogers’ healing progress.

4. Did the scan show positive results for Will Rogers?

Yes, the scan showed positive results, allowing Dr. Buddy Savoie to give the green light for Rogers to return to the field.

5. What is the specific joint injury that Will Rogers experienced?

Will Rogers suffered a dislocated joint between the sternum and the collarbone.

In conclusion, the return of Will Rogers is a cause for celebration among Mississippi State fans. His resilience and determination, coupled with his remarkable skill, make him a key player in the Bulldogs’ quest for success. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Rogers, especially during the highly anticipated Egg Bowl showdown against Ole Miss. Mississippi State’s star quarterback is back, and the future looks bright for the Bulldogs.

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