Wink Streaming, Your One Stop For Live Transcoding!

by Glenn Maxwell

Live Video Solutions

WINK Streaming is really a leading name in delivering content and caching services, in addition to video distribution, monitoring, encoding, and live transcoding. We offer adaptable and custom-tailored solutions for various installation sizes, from close to citywide and condition-wide.

We provide cutting-edge technologies for video surveillance, archiving, transcoding, and screen presentations. Encoding, transcoding, site crossing, transmission and relay, an internet-based services are among our business abilities. Our bodies could be utilised like a stand-alone product suite, including both front finish and content distribution, or included in a bigger deployment of Genetec’sOmnicast or Genetec’s Security Center, Milestone’s Commercial or Enterprise, or having a legacy VMS, analogue matrix, or video wall.


Latency is low. With interpose for leading VMS systems and generic inputs, video transcoding and offline archive transcoding choices are available.


For cloud-based video transcoding, administration, and delivery, we provide an entire global network. We offer cloud-based video transcoding and video management services.

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Mobile Android and iOS programs, mix-platform Home windows, OSX, and Linux Desktop users, and expanding Video Wall solutions are a part of the recording monitoring package.

Surveillance and security

We offer solutions that scale from one office structure or store to some city, condition, or national installation. Our solutions can be employed in any complex configuration because of standard support for unicast, multicast, and hybridized networking. Our systems supports industry standard protocols in addition to a number of bespoke solution standards and formats for intranet, internet, web, and mobile delivery.

Transcoding and encoding

We offer live encoding and transcoding services which are high-quality and occasional-latency. Our systems support an array of compression protocols and codecs, including the newest H264, H265, HEVC, VP1, AV1, and historic protocols. Our transcoding solutions may be used with nearly every transport type, including UDP & RTP Unicast and Multicast, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG-Dash, SRT, WebSockets, and WebRTC. We are able to provide encoding from legacy analogue devices to current HDMI and SDI inputs, and our transcoding solutions may be used with virtually every transport type, including UDP & RTP Unicast and Multicast, RTMP, RTSP, HLS

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Video Delivery instantly

Global data centers along with a global achieve Our network continues to be tailored to suit your needs. Our users can engage in our low latency global network via a number of methods, including BGP Anycast, DNS-based Geolocation, and native delivery from your extensive worldwide Edges and a number of hybrid Points-of-Presence. Our network is particularly made to communicate with WINK Streaming’s services and products, allowing us to supply probably the most comprehensive finish-to-finish solution for live encoded and transcoded video.

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