With more than 9,000 new Covid-19 cases for 2nd straight day, India’s tally at 2.26 lakh

by Carter Toni

India recorded 9,851 new cases from the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and 273 deaths within the last 24 hours, the Union health ministry data showed on Friday.

With over 9,000 new Covid-19

According to the health minority’s dashboard, ahead of the beginning of Centre’s Unlock 1 plan from Monday to ease more restrictions during the lockdown, the Covid-19 tally of the country now stands at 226,770, more than four times the number of cases on the same day in May.

Data reveals that the quantity of individuals who have succumbed towards the deadly infection has gone around 6,348 from 1,568 on May 5.

There are 109,461 individuals who have been cured of Covid-19 pushing the recovery rate to 48.26% so far.

Most of the country’s caseload has been recorded from Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Gujarat.

You can find 77,793 patients of Covid-19 and 2,710 people have died up to now in Maharashtra, while Tamil Nadu has 27,256 cases and 220 fatalities. In Delhi, the COvid-19 tally has reached beyond 25,000 along with the death toll are at 650.

While the number of Covid-19 cases in Gujarat is less compared to the national capital at 18,584, the western state’s death toll is higher at 1,155.

The Union health ministry has released several guidelines within a three-phased plan geared towards lifting restrictions imposed to halt the spread of Covid-19.

The regular operating procedures (SOPs) came ahead of the opening of malls, religious places, and restaurants and hotels in a number of parts of the country from June 8 within the first phase of the the Centre calls Unlock 1, and present a glimpse of life in the aftermath of a pandemic.

Their list of dos and don’ts has physical distancing of at the very least six feet; mandatory utilization of face covers, frequent handwashing with soaps for around 40-60 seconds, use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers and covering mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing as common guidelines.

Frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs at hotels need to be disinfected regularly, disposable menu cards at restaurants and food courts in malls must be given to patrons, just 50% seating capacity can be utilised at restaurants and offerings including prasad at religious places will likely be prohibited right now.

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