Working Remotely or Hybrid? Here’s How to Create Your Dream Home Office

by Carter Toni

Despite what many CEOs might think, hybrid and remote work has plenty of benefits for both the employee and the business. For that reason, it has stayed the preferred way of working for many companies long after the pandemic has stopped being headline news. If you are one of the many who can benefit from this new way of working, then you need to make sure you keep to your side of the bargain by putting together the best home office possible.

This won’t be easy, as you may already have had some sort of ad-hoc arrangement in place. However, as working from home some or all the time will be the default, you’ll need to rethink what you want, and ensure you plan carefully.

Find the Right Space to Work

You might previously have just opened up your laptop at the kitchen table, but as you might already know, doing something like this has its downsides. Working (or at least trying to work) like this fills your day with distractions, as you have picked one of the highest traffic areas of your home. Even if you live alone, you might find yourself easily distracted by being close to the refrigerator, or the cupboard in which you keep your treats.

Instead, you should opt for a spare room, if you have one, orthink about creating a quiet space inside the house. If you wanted, another option is to build a small office in the garden, but this can be costly unless you can justify it by making it a dual-purpose space. This might mean that at the end of the day (or before you start), it morphs into a gym or yoga studio.

Design Your Space Carefully

Whatever you choose, you will need to make sure that everything is in the right place for you to get the most work done. To do this, a few hastily drawn plans will not be enough, so you’ll need to find the right office design software to plan your new space out. Using the right software means that you can put things in and move them around as you want, and see what it all looks like.

This can show you how much room you have for a new desk and where you need to put any extra outlets, so you haven’t got cables trailing all over the place. Having a well-designed space is not to be overlooked, as you will be spending most of your working day here, so you need something that fits around you. If, while looking at your plan you see something isn’t working, you can rejig things easily using software and probably save yourself from making an expensive mistake or two.

Decide On Color Scheme and Décor

Using the software will also allow you to experiment with colors to find what works best for you. That said, you are still likely to want to buy some tester pots to see what it looks like for real. Neutral colors typically work best for workplaces, but you might want to go for something a little more individual in your own space.

You’ll also want to make the most of any natural light, as this can not only create a better working environment, but it can also be better for your mental health. This might influence your decision to go with either curtains or blinds, depending on which way your office faces.

Get the Right Furniture and Tech for Your New Office

To finish things off, you will need to fill your office with the right furniture and tech to be able to do your job properly and in comfort. You almost certainly have a laptop to use, but that might not be enough for you, as you are likely to want to ape the same setup you had in your workplace. This can involve sourcing the right monitors and cables to connect them all, so you are not hunched over your laptop all day.

This can affect your posture, as can not having the right desk or chair. Picking these are vital, and while you might not have the budget to replicate what you have in your workplace, you should still get the best ones you can afford. You are likely to want a chair that adjusts for height and tilt so you are perfectly comfortable, as you will be spending 7, 8, or as many as 12 hours sitting there.

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