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World observe S. Korea’s instance of Covid-19 fight, UN chief says

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The Un chief stated he hopes many countries on the planet follows the “remarkable example” of Columbia, that they stated continues to be “extremely successful” in addressing the coronavirus pandemic and it is intending to tackle global warming in the recovery from COVID-19.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pointed to Thursday’s announcement “that there wasn’t any new situation within the Republic of Korea,” the country’s official name.

Simultaneously, he stated, Columbia has presented plans for “a very ambitious eco-friendly deal” because of its recovery in the pandemic, together with a ban on new coal-fired plants along with a decrease in emissions from existing coal-fired plants.

“We hope this illustration of the Republic of Korea is going to be adopted by many people other nations on the planet,” Guterres stated in a news conference.

The Koreas Cdc and Prevention stated inside a statement early Thursday that four cases in the last 24 hrs, all imported, required the country’s total to 10,765, with 247 deaths and 9,059 recoveries.

South Korea’s caseload continues to be slowing in recent days after it recorded countless new cases every single day between late Feb and early March. It’s subsequently relaxed a number of its social distancing guidelines and it is likely to ease on more limitations within the future when the downward trend continues.

Columbia had its first confirmed coronavirus situation Jan. 20, within 24 hours because the U . s . States.

But unlike the U.S., officials there used an evaluation focused on a single gene targets because the World Health Organization’s suggested test, based on the website of the test manufacturer. The federal government then rapidly permitted private sector labs to create it.

Consequently, a nation with under one-sixth the populace from the U . s . States mobilized to check greater than 20,000 people each day. Columbia also implemented drive-through testing centers, allowing faster identification of individuals who have been infected but may not be displaying signs and symptoms, thus slowing the emergence of recent cases to some more manageable level.

In comparison, the U.S. Cdc and Prevention made the decision to build up its very own test, concentrating on three gene targets dissimilar to exactly what the WHO used. The exam was apparently problematic and based on CDC data only 472 patients have been tested nationwide on February. 29, with only 22 cases confirmed.

The end result was that although Columbia could manage its caseload, the speed of U.S. infections soared.

Guterres stated recovery in the pandemic “needs to visit hands-in-hands with climate action,” just like Columbia does now.

He known as on governments to make sure that spending to revitalize their economies gives priority to the development of “green jobs” and employ of low-carbon powers.

“Taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be accustomed to subsidize non-renewable fuels or bail out polluting, carbon-intensive industries,” the U.N. chief stated. “Now it’s time to place a cost on carbon as well as for polluters to cover their pollution.”

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