Yealdeals Com Review 2024: Is Yealdeals Scam Or Legit?

by Moore Martin

Yealdeals Com Review

Yealdeals Com Review


In this comprehensive review, we delve into the depths of Yealdeals, an online platform claiming to offer a variety of products, including Coats & Jackets, Women’s Dresses, Midi Dresses, and Trench Coats. But the question looms: Is Yealdeals a trustworthy destination for your shopping needs? Join us as we uncover the truth about this website and its offerings.

Exploring Yealdeals

Understanding Yealdeals Website

Yealdeals, a relatively new entrant in the online retail space, presents itself as a hub for fashionable attire, showcasing items like the Frenchy Drop Shoulder Open Front Ribbed Knit Jacket, Women’s Mid-Length Dress, and the Frenchy Drop Shoulder Flap Pocket Button Front Jacket. However, despite its attractive product range, doubts arise concerning its legitimacy, especially with a trust score of a mere 1%.

Critical Specifications of Yealdeals

Key Information

  • Website Name: Yealdeals
  • Website Link:
  • Email:
  • Contact Address: Not available
  • Contact Number: None
  • Product Categories: Coats & Jackets, Women’s Dresses, Midi Dresses, Trench Coats, and more
  • Payment Options: Online payment
  • Delivery Time: Not specified

Positives and Negatives of Yealdeals


  • SSL Certificate: Yealdeals boasts a valid SSL certificate, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Payment Methods: It offers diverse payment options for customer convenience.
  • Policies: The website provides accessible and transparent policies for customers’ peace of mind.


  • Low Trust Score: With a trust score of only 1%, concerns regarding reliability arise.
  • Negative Reviews: Yealdeals has garnered negative feedback on various platforms.
  • Website Age: Registered recently, the website’s domain age raises skepticism.

Determining Legitimacy: Yealdeals

To ascertain whether Yealdeals is a legitimate platform or a potential scam, let’s analyze some crucial factors:

  1. Website Age: Created on 25th January 2024, Yealdeals’ domain age is relatively young, suggesting caution.
  2. Maximum Discount Offers: The website advertises “Free Shipping Worldwide,” which could be unrealistic considering its trust score.
  3. Trust Score: At a mere 1%, Yealdeals’ trustworthiness comes under scrutiny.
  4. Contact Information: The absence of a valid contact address raises red flags.
  5. Customer Feedback: With minimal reviews available, it’s challenging to gauge customer satisfaction.
  6. Email Legitimacy: The email provided lacks credibility, further adding to doubts.
  7. Return Policy: While the website claims to accept returns, the process seems ambiguous.


After a thorough analysis, it’s evident that Yealdeals raises significant concerns regarding its legitimacy. With a paltry trust score, lack of transparent contact information, and a short domain age, caution is warranted before engaging with this platform. We advise users to exercise diligence and consider alternate options for their online shopping needs.

FAQs About Yealdeals

1. Is a scam or trustworthy? presents a wide array of products but lacks credibility with a low trust score of 1%. Exercise caution before making purchases.

2. What is the age of the Yealdeals website?

Yealdeals was registered on 25th January 2024 and is set to expire on 25th January 2025.

3. What payment modes does Yealdeals accept?

Yealdeals accepts online payment methods only.

4. How can I contact Yealdeals customer service?

Unfortunately, Yealdeals lacks transparent contact details, posing challenges for customer communication.

5. What discounts does Yealdeals offer?

Yealdeals advertises “Free Shipping Worldwide” as its primary discount offer.

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