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by Glenn Maxwell

Will you be Japanese and migrated to United states of america just last year, which means you are omitting your old-fashioned Japanese diet. Now, your find a common dining that assists one of the best standard Japanese diet finishes with Yoshinoya eating venue.

Yoshinoya is famous for its meat bowls. Their food list for the most part consists of various types of bowls such as teriyaki chicken, traditional beef with veggie and grilled Bar-b-que beef. They also have kids‘ drinks, appetizers, meals, sides and desserts.

I hope you picked up an understanding concerning their list. Aside from the food selection, I had included as well make contact with, business and dietary tips. Let’s have a quick glimpse at their menu, but before jumping to their menu.

Eikichi Matsuda begun Yoshinoya bistro throughout the year 1899. The most important cafe he established is within Japan. During the found time, Yoshinoya has much more than 2000 zones in three or more locations with more than 4000 workers utilizing its headquarters in Kita, Tokyo, China.

Yoshinoya List Price levels

Yoshinoya Menus contains delicious and colorful combo dishes, sizeable bowls for which they offer cut fresh vegetables, meat and that is simmered in savory and sweet herbal miso soy products broth, a standard dish that is definitely served with accolade-getting rice of Yoshinoya.

The Selection of Yoshinoya has the benefit of a youngsters . food list which can be not hot and especially suitable for the tasty tastes of small children, eye-catching appetizers, sizzling sides with myriad choice, pleasing desserts, appetizing beverages.

Yoshinoya functions fresh new food and flavors which can be motivated by Japanese traditions in addition to their employees are particularly very well-expert, serving the clients employing a comfortable enticing. They utilize the whole set of substances that happen to be exported from China in making their foods considerably more useful.

Yoshinoya pricing is extremely high a result of the items they export out of the natural place and untruths somewhere between $1 to $10. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Yoshinoya Menu Prices.

Combo Bowls

Combo Bowl $7.99

Large Bowls

Large Original Beef $7.79
Large Original Beef with Veggie $7.79
Large Teriyaki Chicken $7.79
Large Grilled BBQ Beef $7.79
Large Orange Chicken $7.79
Large Habanero Chicken $7.79
Large Boneless Wings $7.79
Large Sweet Chili Shrimp $9.04

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Regular Bowls

Regular Original Beef $6.79
Regular Original Beef with Veggie $6.79
Regular Teriyaki Chicken $6.79
Regular Orange Chicken $6.79
Regular Habanero Chicken $6.79
Regular Boneless Wings $6.79
Regular Grilled Tilapia $6.79
Regular Grilled BBQ Beef $6.79
Regular Sweet Chili Shrimp $7.79
Regular Mixed Vegetables $4.99

Kids Meal

Kid Original Beef $4.99
Kid Teriyaki Chicken $4.99
Kid Orange Chicken $4.99
Kid Grilled BBQ Beef $4.99


Appetizers 2 4
Veggie Spring Rolls $1.69 $3.09


Appetizers 4 6
Boneless Wings $4.29 $5.29


Cham Powder $2.25

Side Orders

Original Beef Only $4.99
Grilled BBQ Beef Only $4.99
Sweet Chili Shrimp Only $5.99
Orange Chicken Only $4.99
Teriyaki Chicken Only $4.99
Habanero Chicken Only $4.99
Grilled Tilapia Only $4.99
White Rice Only $2.09
Not So Fried Rice $2.69
Brown Rice Only $2.09
Vegetables Only $2.09
Coleslaw Only $2.09
Potatoes Only $2.09
Teriyaki Sauce Only $0.65


Flan $2.25
Cheesecake $2.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.85
Donut Dippers $2.25

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Bottled Water $2.79
Apple Juice $2.79
Orange Juice $2.79
Pepsi $2.79
Diet Pepsi $2.79
Sierra Mist $2.79


Soy Sauce $0.00
Ginger $0.00
Red Pepper $0.00
Sriracha Sauce $0.00

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