Zois Karampelas Net Worth In 2023: What Is Zois Karampelas Net Worth?

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Zois Karampelas Net Worth


In the world of professional basketball, talent knows no age. Zois Karampelas, a Greek Basketball Player, is a prime example of this. Born on April 27, 2001, in Athens, Greece, he has rapidly risen through the ranks and made a name for himself. This article delves into Zois Karampelas’ journey, his net worth in 2023, and what makes him a promising star in the world of basketball.

Name Zois Karampelas
Estimated Net Worth( 2023) $1-$5 Million Dollars
Profession Greek Basketball Player
Date of Birth 27 April 2001
Age 22 years old
Height 186 cm (6 Feet 1 Inches)
Weight (180 lbs) 82 kg
Birthplace Athens, Greece
Nationality Greek

Zois Karampelas’ Net Worth

Zois Karampelas currently boasts a net worth ranging from $1 to $5 million dollars. His wealth is primarily attributed to his remarkable success as a Greek Basketball Player. But how did he reach this point in his career? Let’s explore his journey.

Real Name Zois Karampelas
Date of birth 27 April 2001
Age 22 years old
Height 186 cm (6 Feet 1 Inches)
Weight (180 lbs) 82 kg
Birth Place Athens, Greece
Gender Male
Profession Greek Basketball Player
Nationality Greek
Zodiac Sign Taurus
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The Journey of Zois Karampelas

Zois Karampelas’ basketball odyssey started at a very young age. He quickly gained recognition for his skills, eventually joining the youth academy of Olympiacos, a renowned Greek basketball powerhouse, in 2012. This marked the beginning of his professional basketball career.

Professional Debut

In 2018, Karampelas made his professional debut for Olympiacos B.C. II in the Greek A2 League. This was a significant milestone in his career, signifying the start of his journey as a professional basketball player.

Loan Stint

Karampelas embarked on a loan stint with Apollon Patras in the Greek Basket League. During this time, he showcased his prowess as a point guard, averaging 5.5 points, 2.5 assists, and 1.3 rebounds per game. His performance during this period marked him as a promising young talent.

Return to Olympiacos

In 2020, Karampelas returned to Olympiacos. However, he faced challenges in finding playing time, leading to his loan to Peristeri Bwin for the 2020-21 season. It was during this season that he truly shone, averaging 10.5 points, 4.0 assists, and 2.0 rebounds per game and helping Peristeri reach the playoffs.

A Thriving Career with AEK Athens

In 2021, Karampelas signed a three-year contract with AEK Athens, where he has continued to thrive and establish himself as a key player. His exceptional skills as a passer, scorer, and defender, combined with his athleticism and quickness, make him an invaluable asset to the team.

International Success

Zois Karampelas hasn’t just excelled at the club level; he has also proudly represented Greece on the international stage. He played for the Greek junior national teams, contributing to the bronze medal win at the 2019 FIBA Under-19 World Cup. His international achievements further solidify his status as a young and promising point guard in Europe.

Zois Karampelas: A Name to Watch

Despite being only 22 years old in 2023, Zois Karampelas is already recognized as one of the most promising young point guards in Europe. His dedication, versatility, and continuously improving skills promise a bright and exciting future in the world of professional basketball. He is a name to watch for years to come.

Physical Attributes

– Age: Zois Karampelas’ current age is 22 years as of 2023, having been born on April 27, 2001, in Athens, Greece.
– Height: Zois Karampelas stands tall at 211 cm, which is equivalent to 6 feet 11 inches, making him one of the tallest basketball players globally.
– Weight: With a balanced weight of 82 kg (180 lbs), he maintains a physique that complements his playing style.

Zois Karampelas’ Nationality

Zois Karampelas is a proud Greek national, hailing from Athens, Greece. His nationality is a source of pride not only for him but for the entire Greek basketball community and the nation as a whole. He represents Greece on the global stage, showcasing the nation’s talent and love for basketball.


Zois Karampelas’ journey from his early days on the basketball court to his current status as a rising star is a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to the sport. With a bright future ahead, he continues to refine his skills and grow as a player, making him an exciting prospect for basketball fans worldwide.

Zois Karampelas Net Worth – FAQ

1. Who is Zois Karampelas?

Zois Karampelas is a Greek Basketball Player known for his skills on the court. He was born on April 27, 2001, and as of 2023, he is 22 years old.

2. What is Zois Karampelas’ Net Worth?

Zois Karampelas has a net worth ranging from $1 to $5 million dollars as of 2023. He is a Greek Basketball Player, born on April 27, 2001.

3. What is Zois Karampelas’ weight?

Zois Karampelas, the successful Greek Basketball Player, weighs 82 kg (180 lbs). You can learn more about Zois Karampelas from the article.

4. How tall is Zois Karampelas?

Zois Karampelas stands at a height of 211 cm (6 feet 11 inches), making him one of the tallest basketball players in the world.

5. How old is Zois Karampelas?

Zois Karampelas was born on April 27, 2001, and as of 2023, he is 22 years old.

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