10 SaaS Marketing Strategies that Bring Massive ROI

by Carter Toni

The following SaaS marketing approaches will help you increase qualified leads, expand your customer base, improve your onboarding process, and lower your churn rate. We will also give you case studies and real-world examples to use as guides. What are we waiting for?

Strategy 1: Look at Your “Ideal Customer”

Researching your client is the lifeblood of your company. If you don’t have access to customer data and SaaS analytics, you can’t build a product that sells, write content that attracts new customers, or even know who your best leads are.

Hence, United World Telecom’s sales and marketing manager Luke Genoyer has increased his focus on customer research to define his ideal customers better.

Strategy 2: Emphasize your Worth through Content Marketing

It can be intimidating to go up against the industry heavyweights when you’ve just started marketing an infant SaaS product. Without a substantial amount of traffic, your site won’t be able to compete for keywords with great keyword difficulty. Thankfully, that is not the case.

If you want more traffic, skip the content at the top of the funnel (ToFu) and go straight for the easy wins. Find keywords with low competition and high intent by doing some research.

Strategy 3: Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

It is possible to generate leads organically, without resorting to paid advertising, with the help of a well-defined SEO strategy. The primary objective of search engine optimization is to have the webpage come top of search results for your chosen keywords.

If someone were searching Google for “best project management tools,” you’d want your project management tool to come up in the top three results.

Strategy 4: Upgrade Plan for Existing Content

To collect email addresses from your readers, you can offer them an “upgrade” or additional content.

PDF instructions, films, podcasts, ebooks, checklists, lists of references, case studies, and templates are all possible forms for these content enhancements.

Strategy 5: Marketing with Influencers

There are now industries other than direct-to-consumer and apparel that can benefit from influencer marketing. It’s encouraging to see SaaS businesses joining the bandwagon.

The right group of influencers can help you reach your target market and convince them to buy your product.

Strategy 6: Promoting Your Business Through Social Media

It’s natural to associate Starbucks and Sephora with the social media scene. However, with 4.6 billion active social media users, SaaS companies see social media as a vast market.

Marketing on social media isn’t just about getting new customers. There are many other uses for it, including but not limited to demonstrating credibility, raising brand awareness, disseminating positive case studies, publishing valuable content, promoting positive company values, and gauging consumers’ reactions.

Strategy 7: Costs of Using SaaS Services

What is SaaS Marketing? Many of you might be asking. One of the most crucial aspects of SaaS marketing is how you price your service. A frustrating user experience and low conversion rates result from a lack of transparency in your pricing structure.

Strategy 8: ABM, or Account-Based Marketing

Market expansion tactics like account-based marketing (ABM), target key clientele by tailoring offers specifically to their needs. A successful ABM campaign requires extensive planning and coordination across functional areas such as marketing and sales.

Strategy 9: Money-Saving Offers

All share the enjoyment of a good bargain. Limited-time offers, including sales and discounts, can be a powerful way to encourage potential customers to purchase. It can make them feel like they are receiving more excellent value from you.

However, you should run these promotions infrequently. If you regularly offer discounts, customers will come to expect the lower price and stop considering them advertisements.

Strategy 10: Advertising Through a Video File

There is an annual increase of 66% in qualified leads for video marketers. However, that’s not all—eight of ten customers purchased after watching a company’s promotional video.

You can use the popularity of short videos on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to raise brand awareness and encourage users to interact with your content.

Is it Time to Upgrade your SaaS Marketing Tactics?

Marketing software as a service company is a challenging and ongoing endeavor. With the methods mentioned above in mind, you can more easily develop a marketing plan that succeeds in bringing in new customers and keeping old ones around.

Keep in mind that there is no silver bullet for SaaS advertising, so you’ll need to put in some legwork to learn about your intended audience and how they behave.

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