10 things you should consider before being in relationship

by Carter Toni

Being with someone forever and share their happiness and sorrow is a relationship. Everyone wants that there should be someone in their life with whom you can share feeling. When you start dating someone they become their special. It feels like they can share everything. You keep doing chit-chat until its 2 a.m.

10 Things Consider in Relationship

It is always ok to keep someone as partner. But eventually, you keep telling each other about different stuff, like family issues, health problems, future, career and many more.

Things that should be considered

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Forget the past existing
  3. Listen to your partner
  4. Evaluate your identity
  5. Discuss physical distance
  6. Issues in health
  7. Addiction you have
  8. Discuss your likes and dislikes
  9. Your future goals
  10. Expectation and Timing

1. Believe in Yourself: One that you should maintain is your strength and weakness, believe that you can do it. This is the strength of every people to perform any task in their life. Accept challenges, perform task that proves and bring power and courage to perform any stuff.

2. Forget the past Existing: It’s not important that what you have bear in past that will chase you back in your present life. If you want to be in good relationship then it is necessary to forget your past life and move ahead. This will bring new experience and motivation to your life. This may be easy for you to do, or it may be a more tricky path to navigate. For instance, if you have been accused of being violent in the past, getting a team of criminal defense lawyers on your side can ensure that you can move past the accusations and not let it affect any future relationships. You don’t want false accusations to follow you everywhere. Go here to find out more about what you can do.

3. Listen to your Partner: In every relationship it is most important that you should hear your partner either you listen to them that help you to build trust. Share feeling and thoughts with your partner that makes your relationship strong and healthy. Your partner feels respect for you which is important in after being in relationship.

4. Evaluate your Identity: Either you are religious or not convey your partner about the truth which doesn’t matter. Like someone is very religious and i doesn’t believe in god that person should not date eachother that create distraction and misunderstanding between them. That will also create problem in further future.

5. Discuss Physical Distance: It is about long distance relationship. Sometime these types of relationship do not work for the people. Even you have good chemistry and emotional connection, if both of you are not from same frame in long term and short term, it is impossible to maintain.

6. Issue in Health: These types of problem can be happen to anyone and it is also difficult share with your partner that might create freak out between eachother. But, you have strong bounding an connection then hiding will create problem between your partner. These types of problem should be discussed with everyone either being shamed of it.

7. Addiction you Have: Although, it is difficult to express about your addiction or bad behaviour like disordered eating, substance use, gambling, or huge spending, this can destroy your relationship. Hiding this with your partner or family can create misunderstanding and telling this all to your partner not only brings closer to you this also helps to build trust between them.

8. Share your Likes and Dislikes: Every relationship starts from sharing their likes and dislikes, this is the beginning of any relation where partners share their feeling and thinking. And more you give the things, more happier, healthier and supportive things will your life will be.

9. Your Future Goals: This doesn’t mean you are partner then your future goals should be similar but when it come to take any big like getting married, having children and more then you should have similar decision.This prevents a lot of aggravation and disappointment in your further future.

10. Expectation and Timing: Some people have different expectation regarding their dates like getting married, get engaged, meet, date for a year. They have no pressure and have no interest in any serious or talking about marriage. In relation between partners we have difference of timing that should be managed. “Human Beings are great gift of nature and they are as backbone of the society. It is go smoothly only if they walk together in relationship with trust and good understanding.”

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