Raise your voice in Male-Dominated field: Women Empowerment

by Carter Toni

Women Empowerment is a process for a woman to redefine the roles of gender that acquire the ability to choose between the alternatives which are being restricted from such ability. There are two genders in society and both of them should be awarded the same rights and duties.

 There should not be any types of discrimination between men and women. They should have their fundamental rights. This elaborate judicial strength, Political Rights, Economic stability and all the other rights that should be equal to women.

Women Empowerment

This society is a male-dominated society where men have given more rights than women, at some places they are being treated as materialistic things so you can use them and this is because of lack of education and awareness among the people but some places things have been changed both of them have been treated as part of the coin which is   useless if one side is missing.

Nowadays woman has become stronger than men in some cases and to prove them they give 200% at their work and in their field. Either they have come from small-town, they have proved. We can see they have proven in every field like there are lawyers, consultants, doctors, legal advisors, even Prime Minister in some countries. Also, they are playing different roles of a mother, sister, daughter, sister, wife and many working professionals. With equal opportunities, they have proven themselves with a spirit of teamwork to show all the possible co-operation in meeting the targets and deadlines in their respective professions.

In true sense, Women Empowerment can only be achieved when there is an attitudinal change in society, treating them with proper respect, fairness, dignity, and equality. This can be achieved only by changing their mentality against this blind society which has built them as a male-dominated society. They should stop treating women as their slaves and make their work done and it can be done through proper communication, education, power of interest and so on. Without these women cannot make their voice heard. It is essential to be effective communication to become successful as a leader. They need to put across their points near the people as they are capable to do things around. “Women Empowerment helps to make society and the world a better place and move forward on a way to equal participation. This means it increases happiness among the family and the organizations where women can make a difference and can change the world and rule the world in a better way.”

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