12 Web Designing Tips to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Beast

by Carter Toni

Lead Generation Beast

A website empowers businesses to reach more audiences online. It helps a business attract potential clients and generate sales. You can use it to showcase your products or the services you offer then build a loyal customer base that will help you meet your sales targets.

Knowing the web designing strategies that will bring the desired results to your business can be helpful. It will make it easy to build a lead magnet that will propel you forward, and ultimately help you reach your conversion goals.

This article will discuss the best web designing tips to make your website an absolute lead generation beast.

Let’s get started!

1. Focus on the User Experience

The first way to build a website that generates leads is by focusing on user experience. The aim should be to please the people who browse it, and not yourself. Therefore, get the pages to load fast, utilize white spaces, create simple navigation, among other factors that impact UX.

Meeting and exceeding user experiences can help a business generate more leads. It can make it easier for you to attract referrals and repeat business. These can play a crucial role in ensuring that your business meets its goals. You can also research your audience to know their needs.

2. Ensure Website Responsiveness

Today, a responsive website is a must-have. The number of mobile device users has increased recently. Ensuring that they view your website without any issues can help you increase your website’s conversion rate, and increase your business’s profits.

However, it takes a lot to build a responsive website. You need to optimize content, especially visuals, to achieve it. If you ask a professional from a web designing agency, they’ll tell you that website responsiveness is a critical design element. Thus, you should never overlook it.

3. Add Testimonials to Boost Credibility

It is easier to generate leads when your target audience trusts you. You can use your website to boost credibility and ensure people trust you. Adding testimonials to your website can be a great way to start. This is because people trust a website or business that others recommend.

You can talk to your past customers to give views about their experiences. Create a section on the website where you can display their reviews. Ensure your visitors can find these testimonials without many clicks. Testimonials can help your audience make quick purchase decisions.

4. Add a Compelling Call to Action

A call-to-action lets the reader know what you expect of them. You need to include one at the end of every post on your website or blog. For instance, you could direct them to the page with the product you want them to buy. You could also ask them to submit their emails or purchase an eBook.

Whatever your CTA is, ensure you keep it as short as possible. You also can bold it to ensure people don’t click away from a page without seeing it. That will ensure you get as many people as possible doing what you expect. With a good CTA, you’ll get as many emails as you need to build your list.

Ensuring that your CTA is compelling can also help you generate leads. It is easier to get many visitors to take the step you want them to if the CTA you use sounds convincing. But then, do not make it promotional that it becomes a turn-off to your audience.

5. Work With A Reputable Web Designer

We have already mentioned that a web designer can help you build the desired website. Well, there’s more that they can help you do. For instance, a website designer can start everything from scratch and ensure you reach your website design goals with a professional-looking site.

But then, you need to choose a website designer carefully. Consider one with a good reputation, lots of industry experience, and good values. Ensure you get value for your investment in website design. In the end, you’ll quickly generate leads and turn them into loyal customers.

6. Make It Engaging With Visuals

One way to communicate your marketing messages is to use visuals. Images, videos, etc., are great because they are easier to create than textual content. It is also easy for customers to understand messages and take the expected actions when put in a video or image format.

But then, you need to use visuals correctly to ensure they benefit your business. For instance, they need to be authentic and reflective of your brand image. It is easier to capture your audience’s attention and deliver marketing messages if you use visuals correctly.

Visuals can also be excellent for simplifying complex concepts. Instead of putting them in textual form, you can simplify them in a video. Also, you can present data in infographics, as they are easier to understand than data presented in text form.

In addition, visuals are easily shareable, so your customers can share them with family and friends. This can help bring more visitors to your website and also increase your conversion rates. Visually appealing websites provide outstanding user experiences which are crucial today.

7. Choose The Best Elements for Your Design

There are various website design elements that you can use on your website. However, not all of them will work, depending on the outcome you want to achieve. Thus, the journey to building your website should start from establishing your desired style and be consistent with it.

The style you pick should align with your business objectives. It needs to be reflective of your brand values to attract customers. This means you can customize your website with your colors of choice. Also, pick images, font styles, etc., that represent your brand and attract customers.

8. Keep Your Homepage Minimalistic

Minimalism is essential for a website that wants to attract leads. Everything from your homepage to other pages should take minimalism into account. The purpose of a website’s homepage is to communicate to the reader. It should tell readers what to expect on other pages.

In short, your website should appeal to emotions. Visitors should find it attractive, with images, keywords, etc., properly used on the homepage. This will make it easy for visitors to scan through and quickly check what a website offers.

The best way to create an attractive homepage is to prioritize important information. You should also space out your content and use high-quality media. Last but not least is a call-to-action for your homepage. It should point to other web pages like the sign-up page.

9. Create Reader-Friendly Website Content

Most website owners also forget readability when designing websites. The easier to read your content is, the more leads you’ll generate. You should use simple and clear vocabulary, sentences, and phrases. It will ensure readers get the message quickly and act appropriately.

It would be best to keep contrast in mind when building your website. Contrast impacts both readability and accessibility on a website. Sufficient contrast makes it easy for people to scan or skim-read the website. You can use a contrast checker to ensure you have enough of it.

In addition, pay close attention to the fonts you use on the website. Large letter sizes are better for readability than smaller ones that readers struggle to see. It would help if you also used easy-to-read font styles and limit the number of fonts for textual content.

10. Don’t Be Afraid of White Spaces

This design element can significantly impact your website if used well. Leaving some areas of your website without content adds flavor to your website. It helps improve the website’s readability and makes it easy to break up all its pages.

It is difficult to scan or skim through a website that doesn’t have white spaces. Also, your message could get lost between the texts if they look too blocky. That’s one reason to ensure you have as many white spaces as possible to ensure your website is easy for the reader’s eyes.

But then, ensure you balance the use of text and white spaces. The aim should ensure readers don’t miss the message, especially calls-to-action. Do not overuse them; only use them if they add value to your website and help readers know where sections begin and end.

11. Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

Social proof is vital for every business that has a website. Including it on your website can help build trust and confidence in your audience. But then, many website owners do not know the benefits of social proof. Thus, people cannot find their social media pages unless they research.

You can add social proof by including share and follow buttons on your website. This means your visitors can check you out on social media without searching your pages. This can help you also increase your social media following and unlock new marketing opportunities.

The best position for social media buttons is a website’s contact page. But you can also include them at the bottom of every page for better visibility. You can also attach them at the end of every blog post so that readers share the content with their friends directly from your blog.

12. Create Unique Offerings

You can also increase your website’s lead generation by providing a unique offering. Website visitors love to have a self-selection experience when they visit a website. This is especially when they visit e-commerce websites that sell products.

People find a website friendly when they can find what they need easily. One of the best ways to ensure your website does this is by adding a search function. This will make it effortless for your visitors to search for products from your collection.

Such features directly impact user experiences. They make it easy for people to make purchase decisions which help businesses increase their sales rate. In the end, it ensures you get the desired value from your website and build your online presence strong.


Those are the web designing tips you should consider using today. This article has looked into everything you need to know before kickstarting your web design journey. You can start implementing these tips one after another to ensure you build a website with good returns.

But then, ensure you follow the correct steps when implementing these tips. If you’re unsure about what to do, consider working with a website design expert. There are various website design agencies available to help you achieve the desired design.

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