15 important tips consider before office shifting

by Glenn Maxwell

Shifting items from one place to another is a very tedious task for one person but if people can hire a moving and packing company for transferring their products and items from one place to another this will be easy for them. But during transferring the items from one place to another how it can be made comfortable and enjoyable.

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The following points can be considered if you want to shift more comfortably and enjoyable.

1 Make strategies

The first step in making your transfer comfortable is that you have to make strategies. In this,  you can make a plan that how you can reach from point A to B and from starting point to ending point. If your distance is short and has a small number of items you can decide to hire a van and if your distance is the long and large number you can make strategies of using the truck for shifting items from one place to another.

2 Organized your work

To make your transfer smooth or comfortable firstly you can organize your work which will be going to do further as well as you can prepare a list of things in advance which is done by the hiring company. You can be planned in such a way all the work should be done in time, incorrect manner, and smoothly

3 Reuse boxes

For avoiding any waste, you can reuse the boxes which you used earlier. You can use small boxes which can be easily movable and carried when a box face stairs and narrow pathways. Small boxes carry less space in the vans and are easily transferable while unloading. It does not need any extra items to shift these small boxes. So, by reusing the boxes, the shift of items or products from one place to another will be smooth.

4 label everything

It is very important to label every box which you want to transfer from one place to another. By this, you cannot find any difficulty at the time of unloading your items. You can easily find a particular item from the van while unloading and placing it at your new home if you are labeling each item. You can use a sticker or a black marker for mark labeling at each box.

5 Pick up the right means of transportation

It is necessary to choose the right type of vehicle for transportation. If the distance is short, you can choose a van rather than choosing a truck or any other heavy vehicle. In case, if you are moving with large size items or any luxury item (i.e. a piano or fridge) you can choose a truck or four-wheeler for moving items from one place to another. As a result of it, your shifting will be comfortable and safe from one place to another.

 6 Systematically packing

Another important point by which we can make our shifting comfortable and enjoyable is systematically packing items and products. It means that you packed every item systematically way and arranged all of them in the box.   All the items should be arranged in such a way, that any product could not be damaged during transit.

7 Create a budget

Creating a budget plays a very important role in making the shift comfortable. It means that you are going to prepare a list of expenditures that will occur during the shift. The cost may be divided into two categories one is little and another is a larger cost. You can expect that these costs may be incurred such as vehicle costs, packing costs, company costs, and many more. Moving may be expensive if you don’t create a budget. You can also take the advantage of the online calculator which will give you the expected expenditure of the expense incurred during moving your items from one place to another.

8 Categorized your product items

For making smoother your transfer of items from one place to another, you have to categorize all the items before loading them into the truck. By this, you will easily find all the items belonging to a particular area at the time of unloading as well as placing all the items at your new home. The hiring company can categorize all the items and products of the home according to their convenience.

9 Find a fast  mover

Another important point that will make your transfer smoother and enjoyable is that you can hire a fast mover. If a moving and packing company provides you with safe, reliable, and fastest services, then you did not find any difficulty in transferring your products and items from one place to another. They will give you hassle-free services.

10 Hire those companies that have several workers 

Before hiring a company you must check how many workers are working in a company. If the number of workers is small, then you can ignore that company. Because if a company has less number of then they will take more time for completing their work. On the other hand, if a company has a large number of workers, then they will complete the work of moving and packing in just a little time.

So, it is better to hire a moving and packing company that has a large number of workers and give optimum services to their customers. They will provide smooth as well as enjoyable services to their customer.

11 Hire professional and experts

It is very important to hire professionals and experts for moving and packing your products and items. Professionals and experts have great knowledge about how to gather and pack each item smoothly without any damage. They also take some necessary precautions while packing all the items as well as fragile items. They use some tools and equipment to pack the items such as packing paper, bubble paper, tapes, rollers, etc.

12 Use special precautions in case of fragile items

While packing fragile items moving and packing companies must take necessary precautions. While transferring fragile items from one place to another or during transit it has a fear that they could not be damaged. So, necessary precautions should be taken into consideration as well as the use of special materials for packing fragile items. Another precaution is that you can pack them tightly. It can be packed tightly as you can because if there is a gap in the box, there is a risk of banging together during the move. You can pack fragile items that there should be no void.

13 Use tapes to cover the boxes

It is necessary to use tapes to cover all the boxes from all the sides. It is the simplest and easiest way to cover and seal all sides of the box. For providing extra security, you can use the “H” method of sealing. Before placing any item in the box, firstly cover the bottom side of the box and then place all the items in the box. Apply tapes two or three times on the boxes, by this you are free from any type of fear of shattering or damaging the box during moving and transit. You can also use a handled tape dispenser for tightening up the box.

14 Purge your belongings

Before packing all the items in your box, you should ensure that all the items are purged or cleaned. If items and products of your old home are not cleaned properly then cleaned them and then packed them in the boxes. It is mandatory to clean and purge all the items which you want to transfer from your old place to another one. You did not want to keep untidy and dirty items in your new home. So that’s why this step is necessary for smooth moving.

15 Use special equipment

Use special types of equipment and make things easier by using an aid to help you lift out the heavy items and products. Equipment like a moving dolly, shoulder dolly, or hand truck can take off your heavy items; have fewer chances of injury, and save a lot of time and effort when moving furniture.

Finally, If you are planning move your office or searching for shifting service from Mumabi to Bangalore or anywhere in India then you should go for packers and movers. Packers and movers have the right infra and transport chain that can help you to relocate office goods effectively.


By following the above mention points, your move will be smooth and enjoyable. Sometimes you need to take special precautions in case of moving fragile items and use tools and different types of equipment to lift heavy items.

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